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More WORLD Headlines

mexico_nkMexico expels North Korean ambassador over nuclear tests.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto declared Ambassador Kim Hyong Gil persona non grata. A statement from Mexico's Foreign Ministry said the action was meant to express the Latin nation's "absolute rejection" of North Korea's recent nuclear tests, which include the underground detonation of what Pyongyang described as a hydrogen bomb on Sept. 3.  Read More

North Korea, President Trump Exchange Heated Words Tuesday Threatening To Hit Each Other With "Fire"
President Trump: North Korea Threats Will Be Met With "Fire, Fury And (Frankly) Power, The Likes Of Which The World Has Never Seen Before."
U.N. Votes 15-0 To Pass Tough Sanctions Against North Korea Who Vowed Monday To Strike U.S. With "Thousand-Fold" Revenge
President Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill
Armed Chinese Fighter Jets Buzz US Navy Reconnaissance Plane

Updated: 09/09/2017 11:07:53 PM





WORLD: North Korea's Kim Jong Un Blinks First, Backs Off Threats

To Fire Missiles Toward Guam


WORLD: Pentagon Seeking To Confirm

Report Top ISIS Leader Killed IN

Iraqi-U.S. Led Raids, Airstrikes


German Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage


North Korea Test Fires Missile That Could Strike Alaska


President Trump, Administration Considering Military Options

Against North Korea


U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Jet, Escalating Tensions Between U.S., Russia And Syria

Armed Russian Fighter Buzzes

U.S. Air Force Jet Monday


Seven Navy Sailors Die, Bodies Recovered After  U.S. Destroyer

Collides With Merchant Ship Off Coast of Japan


WORLD: Death Toll In London Apartment Fire Rises To 30


ISIS Claims Responsibility For London Terror Attacks

 Saturday That Killed Seven, Injured 50; London Authorities Identify Jihadists


12 Arrested In London After Terror Attacks Kill 5, Injure More Than 50


Sources: President Trump To Pull The US Out Of Paris Climate Agreement


President Trump Lashes Out At CIA Leaks Over British Bombing After London Stops Sharing  Info With America



WORLD: U.S. Navy Destroyer Told To Leave Man-Made Island

In South China Sea


President Trump Vows U.S. To Protect Israel Under His Watch From Those Seeking Her Destruction; Calls Out Iran


Three Suspects Rounded Up In Manchester In Connection

With Monday's Deadly Concert Bombing



Death Toll To 22, 59 Injured In ISIS Terrorist Attack Outside Ariana Grande Concert Monday Night in Manchester


President Trump Vows U.S. To Protect Israel Under His Watch From Those Seeking Her Destruction; Calls Out Iran


President Trump Visits Israel Monday, Becoming First U.S. President To Visit Jewish State On First Foreign Trip


President Trump Gives Inspiring Speech To Muslim Leaders To "Stamp Out Extremism," Terrorism In Middle East


North Korea Fires Another Ballistic Missile Off East Coast Sunday


President Trump To Give Speech To Muslim Leaders To Fight

"Extremism" While in Saudi Arabia

President Trump Signs $110B Arms Deal With Persian Gulf Ally Saudi Arabia


82 Chibok Girls Taken By

Terror Group Boko Haram Three Years Ago Released Saturday


President Trump Vows To Confront Crisis With North Korea:

"We Have To Be Prepared For The Worst"

President Trump Proclaims May 1

As "Loyalty Day"


U.S. Navy Destroyer Has Close Encounter With Iran Craft In

Persian Gulf


U.S. Forces In Afghanistan Strike ISIS Tunnel Complex With

"Mother Of All Bombs"


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Two Bombing Attacks On Palm Sunday

Attack At Egyptian Churches, 37 Dead, More 100 Injured


U.N. Security Council Draft Resolution To Condemn Chemical

Weapons Attack In Syria Fails; Russia Vetoes, China Abstains



U.S. Warships Off North Korean Coast As Asian Nation Prepares To

Celebrate 105th Birthday of Founder Saturday, April 15 With Nuke Test

REPORT: Japanese Prime Minister Says North Korea May Have Technology To Launch Missiles With Sarin Nerve Gas


U.N. Security Council Draft Resolution To Condemn Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria Fails; Russia Vetoes, China Abstains


Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson, Along With G7 Nations To Pressure Russia Over Syria


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Two Bombing Attacks On Palm Sunday

Attack At Egyptian Churches, 37 Dead, More 100 Injured



World Reacts To U.S. Airstrikes

On Syria; Israel Praises U.S. Action

U.S. Launches Dozens of Cruise Missiles Early AM Hours Of Friday at Syrian Airfield Where Syrian Government Launched Saron Gas Attack On Civilians Monday



Large Truck Plows Into Central Stockholm Sweden Shopping Center;

Three Dead, Dozens Injured;  ISIS Earmark Attack


At Least 100 People Dead, 400 Injured In Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack In Idlib


Military Jet Crashes Two Miles South Of D.C.;

Pilot Injured And Taken To Hospital


North Korean Missile Launch Wednesday Failure

According To Pentagon;

U.S.: North Korea "Out Of Time"


Man Behind St. Petersburg Suicide Bombing Identified, Ties To Islamic Terror Group Likely

 Carson-Newman Graduate Safe In St. Petersburg Russia Explosion


Defense Secretary Mattis Has Harsh Warning

For North Korean Leader, Iran Officials

"North Korea Must Be Stopped"


North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un "Growing Desperate" Ready To Strike U.S.

With Nuclear Weapon Says Defector


Britain Officially Begins "BREXIT" Ending Relationship

With European Union After 44 Years

American Pastor Imprisoned In Turkey Appeal To President Trump "Help Me"




ISIS Claims Responsibility For London Terror Attack That

Leaves Five Dead Including A Police Officer, Assailant


U.S. Secretary Of State Issues Stern and Clear Warning To North Korea

Hinting All Options On Table To Face Threat


Letter Bomb Explodes Injures One At Paris IMF Office



Tensions Growing Between U.S. And North Korea


FBI Investigating WikiLeaks Dump Of Classified CIA Methods



USS Cole Sent To Gulf Of Aden To Monitor Area After Iranian Attack On Saudi Warship


North Korea Test Fires Ballistic Missile


Iran Fires More Ballistic Missiles In Defiance Of U.S. Sanctions


WORLD: Iran Launches Two Ballistic Missiles In Apparent Violation Of

United Nations Resolution


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Accepts Invitation From Donald Trump

To Visit USA In February



U.S. Deploys 400K Troops To Poland

As Deterrent Against Russia


WORLD: Julian Assange:

Russia Was Not Source Of Hacked

Emails From 2016 Election Campaign


Israel's Renowned Spy Agency The Mossad Recruiting Women For First Time


ISIS Claims Responsibility For Istanbul Attack That Killed 39, Injured 70;

Lone American Injured In Event Saved Because Bullet Hit Cell Phone


Top Dems Turn On John Kerry

Over Israel


President Obama Slaps Sanctions On Russia, Expels 35 Diplomats In

Unproven Election Hacking Claims


Congress Looking To Defund UN After U.S./UN Anti-Israel Vote On Settlements



Israel Accuses U.S. Of Orchestrating UN Vote On Anti-Settlement Resolution;

Israel Summons U.S. Ambassador To Denounce U.S. Action On UN Vote


Obama's Final And Nasty Insult To Israel:

U.S. Abstains In UN Security Council Vote Condemning

Israeli Settlement Expansion; First Time Ever In U.S.-Israel Relations Such Action Has Been Taken


Man Responsible For Deadly Berlin Market Attack Killed In Milan By Police


HIGH ALERT IN GERMANY: Manhunt On Suspect Who Drove Truck Into

Christmas Market In Berlin That Killed 12, Injured 80; Police Nabbed Wrong Man



China Doesn't Budge In Provocative Act;

Declares Seizure Of American

Glider "Appropriate Handling"


Residents In Eastern Aleppo Start Boarding Buses, Ambulance


38 Killed, 155 Wounded In Terrorist Attack Outside Stadium Near Istanbul, Turkey


Longtime Cuban Leader, Fierce U.S. Rival Fidel Castro Dies At Age 90

World Leaders React To Fidel Castro's Death


WORLD: Wildfire Blamed on Terror Roars Through Israel's Third Largest City Thursday


Flights Off American Aircrafts On Way To Join Fight In Iraq and Syria Against ISIS


Three Green Berets Killed In Shooting

Outside Military Base In Jordan


President Elect Donald Trump Offers Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions

Post Of Attorney General


Israel Silent On U.S. Elections At Order of Prime Minister Netanyahu


Two U.S. Service Members Killed In

Action In Afghanistan


Militants Wearing Suicide Vests Storm Pakistani Police Academy

 Near Quetta Killing 59, Injuring 117



Fears Grow After Wife Of North Korea's

Kim Jong-Un Not Seen In Seven Months


Central Italy Hit By Historic, Powerful 6.6 Earthquake;

Strongest In 36 Years


Militants Wearing Suicide Vests Storm Pakistani Police Academy

 Near Quetta Killing 59, Injuring 117


China Condemns U.S. Navy Warship Provocation In South China Sea


Russia Orders All Relatives Of Officials Abroad To Return Home To "Motherland"-

Worries Rise That Soviet Nation Preparing For War


Suicide Bomber Strikes Funeral

Proceedings In Iraq Killing 35


Iranian Backed Rebels Fire Two Missiles At

U.S. Navy Destroyer Off Yemen Coast


Thailand's King Bhumibol - Worlds Longest Reigning Monarch Dies At 88


Hungary Recruiting Thousands Of "Border Hunters"

To Patrol Boundary For Migrants


Hurricane Matthew To Hit Haiti, Jamaica Area Hard; SE US Coast Now

Under Threat As Tropical Storm Watches Issued For Keys


Julian Assange Cancels Announcement About Clinton Emails


Russian President Vladimir Putin Suspends Agreement

With U.S. Over Disposal Of Weapons-Grade Plutonium


Female Chess Grandmasters Being Forced To Wear Hijabs At World Chess Championship

In Iran Next Year


State Department Warns Of "Credible Threats" Against US Branded Hotels In Turkey


World Leaders Attend Funeral Of Shimon Peres, "Israel's Warrior For Peace,"

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Laid To Rest


Shimon Peres, "Israel's Warrior For Peace," Dies At 93

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


President Obama Uses Final UN Speech

To Take Shots At Trump, "Isolationist" Policies Concerning Refugees


UN Security Council Holds Emergency Meeting Over US Airstrike

That Hit Syrian Government Troops


Israeli, Palestinian Leaders To Meet in Moscow To

Relaunch The Middle East Peace Process


Philippine President Regrets Crude Remarks About President Obama


World Leaders Condemn North Korea's Fifth

And Biggest Nuke Test



FAITH: Of 10,000 Syrian Refugees Permitted In United States

Just 56 Are Christians, Or .5 Percent



U.S., World Powers Had Secret Deal

With Iran To Dodge Restrictions In

Last Year's "Landmark" Nuclear Deal


Dangerous Confrontations Between Iran, U.S. Navy Becoming More Frequent

Than WH Admitted, Or Estimated


Russia Building Large Numbers Of Underground Nuclear Command Bunkers


FBI Finds 15,000 Additional Emails That Reveal More Special Access

To Clinton Foundation By Foreign Donors

State Department Purchased Real Estate In Nigeria After Major

Donation To Clinton Foundation By Nigerian Realty Specialist


ISIS Recruiting 12-Year Olds, Other Kids To Do Horrific Acts

12 and 14 Year Olds Carry Out ISIS Suicide Attack At Turkish Wedding


Pentagon Warns Syrian Government Against Carrying Out

Airstrikes Near U.S. And Allies; U.S. Jets Scramble Friday To Protect Forces


Three Car Bombings Kill 10 Injure 219 In Ankara Turkey


Russian Warplanes Fly From Iran to Bomb ISIS Targets In Syria


State Department Purchased Real Estate In Nigeria After Major

Donation To Clinton Foundation By Nigerian Realty Specialist


Death Toll Rises To Over 300 In

Central Italy Earthquake


Fire Erupts At Baghdad Hospital, Killing 11 New Born Babies


Iran's Former Hard Line Leader Ahmadinjad Sends Letter

Asking U.S. To "Quickly Fix" $2B In Frozen Assets


Iran Nuclear Scientist Who Gave U.S. Intel Executed By Tehran


Two Brussels Female Police Officers Injured By Machete

Welding Man Shouting "Allahu Akbar"; Police: This Was Act Of Terrorism


Woman Murdered In London Square Was American,

Wife Of Florida State Professor


Slain French Priest's Last Words As ISIS Slit His Throat: "Go Away Satan"


Major Military Push Against ISIS Coming This Fall

To Help Hillary Says Pentagon Source


U.S. Military Strikes ISIS

Strongholds In Libya


China Accuses United States, Japan and Australia Of

"Fanning the Flames" In South China Sea Region


Barbaric Murder of French Priest By ISIS Attacker Opens

New Front On ISIS War Against Christians


ISIS Claims Responsibility For

German Ax-Knife Train Attack


Obama's Half Brother Says He's

Voting For Trump


18-Year Old Munich Gunman Was Obsessed With Mass Shootings;

10 Ten Dead Including Shooter In Friday Attack on Mall


Turkey's Future In Extreme Doubt After Failed Coup

Pushes Nation Closer to Islamic Controlled State

Turkey's Ministry Of Education Fires 15,200 Personnel For Alleged Involvement In Deadly Failed Coup


Germany's Angela Merkel Admits Refugee Program

Has Allowed Terrorist Extremists Into Country


Israeli Police Foil Bomb Attack On Jerusalem


University Of California At Berkeley Confirms Missing American

Student in NICE France Attack Was Killed


161 Dead, Nearly 1000 Injured in Failed Turkey

Coup As Unrest Remains Saturday; President Consolidates

Power Seeks Destruction Of Enemies

Turkey's President Blames U.S. Muslim Cleric Living in USA

For Starting the Attack


South Korea Deploys U.S. Missile Defense System Angering North Korea, China





A Texas Father And Son Among Dead As Truck Plows Into Crowd For Over 100 Yards, As Driver Gets Out And Begins To Shoot into Crowd; Suspect Tunisian French Nationalist With Terror Ties


South Korea Deploys U.S. Missile Defense System Angering North Korea, China


British PM Cameron To Step Down Today; New PM Theresa

May To Take Reigns Wednesday Night


South Korea Deploys U.S. Missile Defense System Angering North Korea, China


British PM Cameron To Step Down Wednesday As Theresa May

Expected To Be Elected Nation's Next Leader/PM

Britain's Next Prime Minister To Be A Woman



Russia Appears To Be Cracking Down On

Christianity In Latest Legislation


Mastermind of Turkey Airport Massacre

That Killed 44, Injured Over 200 Identified

As ISIS-Chechen Terrorist


Fallujah, Iraq "Fully Liberated"

From ISIS  By Iraqi Forces


Bangladesh Bloodbath: 20 Hostages Butchered As Islamic Jihadist

Quiz Victims On Koran Kill Those Who Can't Recite Passages

Bangladesh Officials Storm Cafe Late Friday

Night Held By ISIS


13-Year Old Jewish Girl Stabbed To Death By Palestinian Attacker

Was American Citizen


Turkey's President Sends Apologies To Russia Over Downing

Of Russian Jet Last November


Brexit Vote Another Humiliating Loss For Obama

But American Media Ignores It Friday

World Markets Plummet On News Of Vote; Dow Jones Falls 500 Points On News Of Britain Exit Of EU After 40-Years

Donald Trump: Britain Took Their Country Back With Vote;

Obama, Clinton Unhappy With Vote


Britain Votes To Leave European Union After 40 Year Membership

Brit's PM Cameron Says He Will Resign By Fall


Israeli Government Imposes Sweeping Restrictions On Palestinians

After Market Attack Kills 4 in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Attack Kills 4; Two Suspects In Custody


WORLD: 19 Iraqi Yazidi Girls Burned Alive For

Refusing Sex With ISIS Captors

ISIS Killing Its On In Hunt For Spies Within Terror Network


First Pictures Of Debris Found From Ill-Fated EgyptAir Flight That Crashed Thursday



EgyptAir Plane Wreckage Found;

Investigation Continues Into Cause of Crash  


ISIS Carrying Out Crucifixions In

Libyan City Of Sirte



Nigerian Hunters Rescue First School Girl

From Boko Haram; Girl Found Alive,

Pregnant and Traumatized


Classified Details Of Iran's Treatment Of U.S.

Soldiers Earlier This Year Released


7.0 Earthquake Shakes Japan Two Days

After 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 9, Injures 800


 Twin Terror Raids Thursday In France, Belgium Result In 6 Arrests, Foil "Advance Stages Of Plot To Attack France

Two Americans Confirmed Dead In Brussels, Belgium Attack;

Gatlinburg Native, Wife Still Missing, No Word




American Soldier Killed In Northern Iraq

From ISIS Rocket Near Mosul


ISIS Magazine Takes Credit, Claims Victory In Obama's Shift On

Hostage Negotiations


Brussels' Official Charge Final Paris Attacker With Terrorism



North Korea Hands Out Stiff Sentence To Captured

American Tourist For "Subversion"


Iran's Cash Incentive Plan For "Martyrs" To Strike Jerusalem Draws Strong Israeli Reaction, Condemnation


Israel's Electric Grid Hit With

"Largest Cyber Attack" In Nation's History


Amnesty International: Russia Guilty Of Most "Egregious"

War Crimes Seen In Decades in Syria

 Two UK Royal Air Force Jets Intercept Russian Aircraft Near British Airspace


Most Powerful Storm On Record in Southern Hemisphere

Strikes Fiji Islands

Winds Up To 184 Hit Island Over Weekend


ISIS Burn Fighters Alive Who Let Mosul Fall

In Grisly Display In Town Square


28-Year Old Syrian Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up Near Istanbul, Turkey; 10 Dead, 15 Injured Near Tourist Spot


Iran Releases 10 U.S. Navy Sailors Who Were Detained After Two Small Boats Crossed Into Iranian Territorial Waters



ISIS Claims Responsibility For Baghdad

Mall Attack That Kills 18



U.S. Special OPS Killed, Injured In Taliban

Attack In Afghanistan Helicopter

Damaged From Gunfire


Saudi-Arabia, Iran Sever Diplomatic Ties As Violence, Riots Erupt In Middle East


North Korean Claim Of Detonating Hydrogen Bomb Met With International, U.S. Scrutiny



U.S. To Send 200 Special OP Troops

To Iraq To Target ISIS Leaders For Assassinations


Iran Test Fires Mid-Range Ballistic

Missile Defying U.N. Resolutions


Mexican Woman "Raped" Into

Confessing To Murdering Husband


Austrian Teen "Poster Girl" For ISIS Beaten To Death After

Caught Trying To Escape From Syria


Muslim Boy Arrested For Homemade Clock Wants $15M In Damages


ISIS Seeking Chemical Weapons According To Reports


Turkey Shoots Down Russia Warplane Near Turkish Border With Syria




Gunmen Storm Mali Hotel,

Take 90 Hostages, 20 Dead

 In Latest Terror Attack

ONE WEEK AFTER THE DEADLY terror attack in Paris, gunmen, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar,’ storm the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali’s capital, killing at least three and taking over 170 hostage, freeing those who were able to recite verses from the Koran, as security forces gain entry to the hotel.


New ISIS Video Threatens

Attack On NYC


Planned Moment Of Silence For Paris Victims Interrupted By Boos, "Allahu Akbar" During Turkey Soccer Match



Russia, France Strike ISIS Stronghold of Raqqa

While America Sits On Sidelines

ISIS Militants Stiffening Defenses As

French, Russian Air Strikes Pound Raqqa





France: This Is An Act Of War As ISIS Claims

Responsibility For Paris Attack That Kills 127


Deadly Paris Terrorist Attack Kills 127 In Six

Separate Attacks On Six Different Locations;

118 Dead At Paris Concert Hall




At Least Two Terror Suspects Dead, Seven Arrested After

People Storm Paris Apartment In Counter-Terror Move


French Jets Strike Heart Of ISIS Stronghold

In Raqqa, Syria Sunday


Two Paris Bound Flights Cleared From USA After Receiving

Anonymous Telephoned Bomb Threats


One Of ISIS Terrorists in Paris Attack Entered France Masquerading

As Refugee Just Six Weeks Ago



Air France Flight Grounded Saturday

After Threats On Twitter


Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake

Strikes Off Japan Coast



Russian Airliner Crashes In Sinai Peninsula Killing 224


Whole Foods Recalling 230 Pounds Of Chicken

Due To Listeria Concerns


Victims Identified in Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade Crash;

25 Year Old in Custody On DUI Charge


More Than 150 People Dead in Afghanistan Earthquake


China Cyber Hacking Into U.S. Companies Continuing


Secretary Of State Kerry: "Senseless" Violence

In Middle East West Bank Must Stop



Israeli PM Netanyahu Slams Obama Administration In Strong Worded

Statement Of Israel's Right To Self-Defense


Obama Administration Sends Kerry

To Middle East To Stem Rising

Violence In West Bank


Russian Airstrikes In Syria Leads To Airline Warnings For Flights To

Iran, Iraq and Over Caspian Sea


Former Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor Who Sheltered Americans

During Iranian Hostage Crisis Dies At 81


Israel Deploys Hundred Of Troops To

Quench Deadly Palestinian Shootings; Fears Rise

Of Another Possible Intifada


Washington Post Reporter Convicted Of Espionage In Iran In "Closed"

Trial In Iranian Court


ISIS Assessments Modified To Paint Better Picture

Of U.S. Success Than Reality



Netanyahu Stares Down UN In Abject Silence Over Iran Deal

Close Call: Israel Thwarts First Known ISIS Terrorist Plot, Attempt


Syria's Assad: Russia Must Succeed In Air Strikes "For Region"

Or Middle East Will Be Destroyed


Russia Hits U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels With Airstrikes Claiming They

Are Targeting ISIS, Sources: Civilians Hit

 Iranian Troops Arrive In Syria To Help Russia Battle U.S. Backed Anti-Assad Forces


World Leaders, President Obama Converge, Speak

At UN's 70th General Assembly



Saudi Prince Arrested In L.A. On Alleged Sexual Assault Charges


Obama Administration Seeking Vatican Help In

Getting Prisoners Released From Iran



Alleged Manipulation To Downplay Terror Threat

Goes Back To 2012: Report


Pope Francis Visits NYC, 9-11 Memorials, Downtown Manhattan,

Speaks At U.N.


North Korea Warns It Has Restarted

Its Atomic Fuel Plans To

Build Nuclear Bombs


 Russian Military Buildup In Syria Goes Unimpeded By US;

"First Clear Sign Of Offensive Weapons" Seen On Ground


Russia Employing Military In Syria Raising Tensions Between US/Moscow

Trump: US, Europe Must Do More To Protect Ukraine From Russian Aggression


O'Reilly: The Nation Has Turned Against The Iran Deal That

Will Go Through No Matter The Resistance


82 Dead In India Cafe Explosion


Growing Russian Presence In Syria As Reports Surface Russian Military

On The Ground In Areas Of Country


Multiple News Outlets Claim White House Altered Published Reports

To Make It Seem ISIS Had Been Weakened


Story: Dems Who Support Obama Iran Deal Were Bribed

By Iranian Officials For Support

Iran Commander: We Will Not Stop In Seeking To Destroy Israel On Day

Nuke Deal Gets Veto-Proof  Backing From Dems


ISIS Damages 2000 Year Old Temple Of Bel

In Ancient Syrian City Of Palmyra



Five Chinese Navy Ships Spotted Off Bering Sea During

Obama Visit To Alaska


ISIS Detains 70 In Western Iraq, Fears Of Mass Executions Loom



European Migration Crisis Growing As

Thousands Flee ISIS, Terrorism For Safety


Hard-Left British Politician Who Compared US Troops To ISIS

Leading Race For Britain's Labor Party


WORLD: Taiwan Boy Stumbles Punches Fist-Hole Size In $1.5M Painting


Three Americans Among Those Who Subdued Would Be Attacker On Paris Subway; Three Injured, No Deaths In Attack


South Korea, North Korea Tensions Up After Exchange Fire Early Friday


Russia Proceeds With Missile Sale To Iran Despite US Objection


Report: American Hostage Kayla Mueller Was Raped Repeatedly

By ISIS Leader Baghdadi


Obama Uses Threat Of Iranian Attack On Israel To Push Iran Deal


Russian Land Grab in Arctic Has Republicans Slamming Obama

Administration For Inaction, "Strategic Blunder"


 Reports: Missing Indonesia Airliner Crashed Into Mountains

All 54 On Board Dead


Indonesian Airliner Goes Missing With 54 Aboard Near Papau


ISIS Takes Responsibility For Truck Bomb That Kills 67 In Iraq

British Police: ISIS Threatens To Kill Queen Elizabeth



Death Toll At 50, Including 12 Firefighters In

China Explosion; Cause Unknown


Obama Justice Department Filing Appeal On Behalf Of Palestinians

After $218.5M Judgment Awarded For Terror Attacks


Zimbabwe Officials Identify Second American Who Took

Part In Killing Of "Cecil" The Lion


Debris In Indian Ocean Appears To Be

Part Of Boeing 777 - Malaysia Airlines


Australia Woman Watches Father Mauled

To Death By Shark Off Coast


 US, Turkey Agree On Syria "Safe Zone" For Refugees


Uncle Of Tennessee Terrorist Arrested In Jordan


President Obama: It's Likely Funds From Deal

Will Wind Up In Iranian Terror Hands


U.S., World Leaders Agree On

Nuke Deal With Iran


Israel: This Is A Bad Deal and Makes World More Dangerous


Iran Purchased Illegal Material Last Month Even

As Nuke Talks Were Ongoing;



British Actor Michael Enright Leaves

Hollywood Joins The Fight Against ISIS


 Greece Finance Minister Resigns, Voters Reject Bailout;

Nation Continues To Impose Banking Freeze


Latest ISIS Barbarism Includes Killing Of 74 Children By Crucifixion,

Nearly 90 Women For Ramadan "Crimes"


REPORT: U.S. Blocked Arab Allies From Sending

Weapons To Kurds In Fight Against ISIS


ISIS Kills 50 In Wave Of Terrorist Attacks On Egypt Near Gaza, Sinai After Presidential Crackdown


Long Bank Lines In Greece Amid Deepening Financial Meltdown;

World Markets Plunge


ISIS Selling Female Slaves During "Koran" Contest



U.S. To Arm NATO Against Russian Aggression

According To DOD Head Carter



Israel Strikes Back At U.N. Report Accusing Jewish State Of

 "Serious Violations" Of International Law During Gaza War



Taliban Militants Attack Afghan Parliament Monday

While In Session, Two Dead, 34 Injured



Winds, Rain Bring Relief To Pakistani Heat Wave

That Has Killed 749 People


Cuba Removed From U.S. Terrorism Blacklist



U.S. Air Strike Kills Al Qaeda Leader In Libya Behind

2013 Algerian Gas Plant Attack That Killed 38, Including 3 Americans


Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Allowing Americans

Born In Jerusalem To List Israel As Birthplace


Depp Could Face Up To 10 Years In Prison For Bringing Dogs To Australia


China Beekeeper Breaks World Record For

Heaviest Ever Coverage of Bees On Body


ISIS Now Has More Than Half Of Syria After Seizing Palmyra


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