Tennessee Rep. welcomes lawsuits over heartbeat bill

Rep. William Lamberth had strong words to offer on possible lawsuits stemming from the state’s proposed fetal heartbeat bill. The measure, which would ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, had already cleared the House, but Senate leaders said the bill raised too many legal concerns.....


Expungement fees soon to be covered by the state

State expungement fees could soon be eliminated because of a bill that's past both houses of the legislature. Currently, it costs $450 in many cases for someone to have their criminal record cleared. State Representative William Lamberth said the new bill would use general fund money to cover the costs of processing expungements....


Sex trafficking uptick during NFL draft likely a 'myth'

Big events bring big concerns about human trafficking and even though it is definitely on the radar of those providing security for the upcoming NFL Draft in Nashville, they aren't expecting a drastic increase in the crime. Margie Quin, a criminal justice professor at Cumberland University, said stopping sex trafficking should be a daily focus not just during high volume weekends.....


Tennessee tops in bankruptcy

Tennessee stands atop another list it would rather have nothing to do with. This time it's a ranking of states with the highest per capital bankruptcy filing rate.....


L&N STEM Academy robotics team heads to national competition

Schools across the country an around the world will make their way to Houston this weekend in preparation for the 2019 First World Robotics Competition this Tuesday. That includes the L&N STEMpunks at L&N STEM Academy...


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    Lyrid meteor shower 2019: How to view April's shooting stars

    Get ready for a different type of April shower. The annual Lyrid meteors can be seen every April. This year, the meteor showers will begin on April 16, peak on April 22 and end on April 28. While they might not be as well known as the famous Perseids or Leonids, the Lyrids are one of the oldest known meteor showers and have been observed for more than 2,700 years, according to NASA. ...



  • optimistic
    Be a Little More Optimistic: 6 Things Optimists Do Differently

    Truly, the most powerful weapon against daily stress is our ability to choose one thought, or response, over another.Optimism is your choice today. It’s not an inborn trait bestowed on a lucky few—it’s a skill that can be learned and honed. ...

Berenice Abbott (1898-1991) American photographer

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    The Route of a Text Message, a Love Story

    With each tap, a small electrical current passes from the screen to her hand. Because electricity flows easily through human bodies, sensors on the phone register a change in voltage wherever her thumb presses against the screen. But the world is messy, and the phone senses random fluctuations in voltage across the rest of the screen, too, so an algorithm determines the biggest, thumbiest-looking voltage fluctuations and assumes that’s where she intended to press...