Some personal beliefs and morals may stem from genetics

A new baby is often welcomed with speculation about whether they got their eyes and nose from mom or dad, but researchers say it may be possible for children to inherit their parents' moral characteristics, as well...


You recognize your face even when you don't 'see' its

Given the limited capacity of our attention, we only process a small amount of the sights, sounds, and sensations that reach our senses at any given moment -- what happens to the stimuli that reach our senses but don't enter awareness?..


Cultivating happiness often misunderstood

The paradox of happiness is that chasing it may actually make us less happy, a Stanford researcher says. So how does one find happiness? Effective ways exist, according to new research...


Do volcanoes or an asteroid deserve blame for dinosaur extinction?

Based on new data published today in the journal Science, it seems increasingly likely that an asteroid or comet impact 66 million years ago reignited massive volcanic eruptions in India, half a world away from the impact site in the Caribbean Sea...


High-Stress Companies Need to Invest in Employee Mental Health

Unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety are not limited to professional crisis managers. Think about yourself and what it takes to run an entrepreneurial company: production pressures, financial and payroll challenges, employee turnover and the risk that your business could fail. ..

Lifestyles Stories

  • etsy
    How Etsy Sellers and Big Business Make Money on Public Domain Art

    On Etsy, there are thousands of listings for downloadable prints and lithographs that are in the public domain. The concept is pretty simple: these merchants round up and download the most visually beautiful art in the public domain, and then sell prints on Etsy. But some of them don’t even go that far and just sell digital files of the art. Then, the buyers can print out the prints at whichever size they want and use them as they please...

  • Psychology
    Psychology Around the Net

    This week’s Psychology Around the Net has the latest on a new website providing professional and unbiased reviews of mental health apps and other digital tools, what optimists do differently (and the changes you can make to become more optimistic), how setting realistic goals affects your well-being, and more..


  • optimistic
    Be a Little More Optimistic: 6 Things Optimists Do Differently

    Truly, the most powerful weapon against daily stress is our ability to choose one thought, or response, over another.Optimism is your choice today. It’s not an inborn trait bestowed on a lucky few—it’s a skill that can be learned and honed. Let those two little girls be your guides, and allow me to fill in the gaps...


Photography-Peter Essick

Tech Bites

  • text_message

    The Route of a Text Message, a Love Story

    With each tap, a small electrical current passes from the screen to her hand. Because electricity flows easily through human bodies, sensors on the phone register a change in voltage wherever her thumb presses against the screen. But the world is messy, and the phone senses random fluctuations in voltage across the rest of the screen, too, so an algorithm determines the biggest, thumbiest-looking voltage fluctuations and assumes that’s where she intended to press...