Weekend tropical threat to heighten flood risk across southeastern US

A resurgence of heavy storms and downpours is expected across the southeastern United States beginning this weekend as a tropical feature brews in the Gulf of Mexico.Stormy weather has been impacting the region for many days, breaking the recent drought but also producing localized flooding...


Northwestern US to face rainy Memorial Day weekend while fire threat grips Southwest

It will be a tale of two forecasts in the western United States this weekend as storms dampen the Northwest but heat and drought persist in the Southwest...


How Hawaii’s Kīlauea Volcano eruption compares to others around the world

Hawaii Island’s Kīlauea Volcano has been in a fit of rage since erupting in early May, spewing toxic gas, hurling boulders from its summit and cracking open more than 20 fissures...


Severe storms to rip through north-central US late Thursday

Residents across the north-central United States will need to be on alert for damaging thunderstorms to erupt on Thursday afternoon and evening.The threat for severe weather will also extend into a portion of southeastern Manitoba, including Winnipeg, and southwestern Ontario...



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    Key volcano terms you need to know to understand these fiery geological structures

    Today, about 500 million people live on or close to volcanoes, and while these geological wonders can be a hot spot for tourists, they can pose many hazards to surrounding communities when they erupt.There are many scientific terms related to volcanic eruptions, and understanding them can help to explain the full spectrum of threats that arise from these fiery features...


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    California becomes 1st state in nation to require solar panels for new homes

    The California Energy Commission adopted new building standards on Wednesday, May 9, that require solar photovoltaic systems in new homes starting in 2020.The state is hoping to cut energy use in new homes by more than 50 percent, according to a press release from the energy commission.The initiative is the first in the nation to mandate solar panels for new homes...

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    Kīlauea Volcano: Code red warning issued as eruptions intensify

    Reports of earthquakes and volcano eruptions in regions along the Ring of Fire might lead some to believe that the level of activity in recent months is above average.The approximately 25,000-mile-long, horseshoe-shaped Ring of Fire outlines the Pacific Ocean and is known for its chain of volcanoes and as the location for 90 percent of Earth’s earthquakes...