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High Flying Training

In some cases, drone inspections and data collection can supplement missions traditionally performed by helicopters...


Department of the Interior Approves Plan for the Largest Solar Project in U.S. History

The solar industry is resilient and a project like this one will bring jobs and private investment to the state when we need it most....


How to Extend Your Living Area to Outdoor Spaces

When warmer weather arrives, it’s all about spending time in your home’s outdoor spaces. Here are a few new ideas for transforming your porch, deck or yard into an oasis of relaxation...


During COVID-19, Take Simple Steps to Establish a New Normal

It’s always the right time to commit to healthy habits, behaviors and steps to improve your physical and mental health...


Tips to Weather Seasonal Joint Pain

While research on how weather affects a person’s pain levels is inconclusive, many people swear that the pain in their joints or ache “in their bones” can predict rainy or chilly weather ahead. ..




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  • Climate_Change_Today

    Climate Change Today

    From diminishing snow and ice to increasing temperatures to rising sea level to more frequent and destructive extreme weather events, 97% of scientists agree climate change is happening and it is man-made....