Damaging storms to target northeastern US late Friday

A new round of severe weather will threaten communities across the interior Northeast with damaging winds and downpours at week’s end. The same system that triggered damaging winds and even a few tornadoes from Wisconsin to Kansas on Thursday will swing eastward on Friday. The eastern Great Lakes, western New England and part of the Ohio Valley will be at greatest risk for severe thunderstorms beginning Friday afternoon...


Could a piece of Florence's moisture develop tropically, head toward East Coast next week?

Even though Florence has been completely sheared apart by strong winds over the North Atlantic, some of the leftover showers and thunderstorms may loop back around and approach the Carolina coast early next week. This patch of moisture will drift southward near Bermuda this weekend but is then projected to turn westward on Monday....


Authorities warn of looting, scams and fraud cases during post-Florence relief efforts

During the aftermath of natural disasters, as many communities join forces to aid in the recovery and relief efforts, there are commonly a select few that choose instead to participate in antisocial behavior, including looting and scams. It occurred during past major hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Katrina. Hurricane Florence was no different...


Most vibrant fall foliage in the US predicted to grace the Northeast this year

Forecasters are calling for an excellent fall foliage season in parts of the Northeast this year, thanks to ideal weather conditions over the summer. Leaf peepers are most likely to find vibrant autumn leaves in the corridor stretching from southern New York to southern New England. The remainder of the East will struggle to develop to its full potential, with warmer and wetter-than-normal conditions in the forecast...


'There is still more of hurricane season to go': Expert warns another tropical threat may make US landfall

Even though the tropical Atlantic is void of organized storms at this time, conditions may again get busy over the next couple of weeks with a few areas of potential development. Sept. 10 marked the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season from a climatology standpoint. However, hurricane season does not officially end until Nov. 30. The coming weeks into mid-October often bring several additional tropical storms and hurricanes. This year may not be any exception....



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    6 ways volcanoes benefit Earth, our environment

    The incredible sight of molten lava streaming down a volcano’s sides as voluminous ash plumes gush tens of thousands of feet into the atmosphere will send nearby residents into a panic.It’s for good reason. Volcanic eruptions and related earthquakes have been known to wipe out neighborhoods and claim thousands of lives...



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    Vog vs. laze: What's the difference and why are they so dangerous?

    Two buzzwords associated with the air quality impacts of volcanic activity are "vog" and "laze" - but what is the difference, and what do they mean?Whether volcanic activity occurs in a single eruption or is spread out over the course of weeks or even months, residents of the impacted areas will likely deal with at least one of these air quality hazards...


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    What is a meteotsunami?

    When intense storms move over open water, they can generate a wall of water known as a meteotsunami, an uncommon event that can cause damage along the coast of bodies of water.These events can be difficult to predict and can range from small, almost undetectable waves of water to larger waves that can inundate coastal areas...