Drenching storm to cause flooding, travel issues in southeastern US through midweek

Following a quick blast of Arctic air, a slow-moving storm will drench the southern United States and raise the risk of localized flooding spanning Tuesday night to Thursday of this week. In addition to travel problems associated with the rain, a temperature roller coaster is in store this week. Arctic air in place at the start of the week over the Eastern states is forecast to pick up and leave. Temperatures will trend upward by 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more from Monday to Wednesday...


Storm to bring ice, heavy rain and flood risk as drastic temperature swings occur in northeastern US

While Arctic air will leave quickly enough to allow a dramatic rise in temperature later this week, a storm will bring locally heavy rain with ice at the onset in some locations and a change back to snow for other areas of the northeastern United States spanning Wednesday to Thursday...


In case you missed it: Deadly storms cause travel chaos across US; New Mexico avalanche kills skier

A deadly winter storm took over the central United States and mid-Atlantic over the weekend, killing at least nine people in the process. The winter storm began to unfold over the region on Friday afternoon with heavy snow and freezing rain across Missouri and Kansas. Some motorists became stranded on the snow-covered roads for hours...


Winter Storm Harper, Now Hammering the West

Winter Storm Harper is already pummeling parts of the West with heavy snow and will spread its mess of snow, ice and wind into the Plains, Midwest and Northeast into this weekend. Harper's heaviest snow, so far, is in the Sierra Nevada of California, where blizzard warnings were posted. Early Thursday morning, Lone Pine, California, reported 5 inches of snow had fallen in just 2 hours. That storm will tap into cold air once it moves through the central and eastern states Friday through the weekend, delivering a widespread swath of significant snow...


Don't miss these 5 astronomy events in 2019

The 2019 will bring several notable astronomy events that will be visible for many across the United States, including a rare celestial alignment that won't happen again until the 2030s. In addition to these big events, 2019 will also feature three supermoons, a blue moon, multiple meteor showers and dozens of rocket launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida....



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