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Chance for rain will diminish quickly from the 8-day forecast.

Only a few spotty showers will roll over into Tuesday and Wednesday. Most will remain under a mix of sun and clouds and highs in the mid to upper 70s....


Prep Your Home for Fall

Fall.. The season of light jackets and gorgeous foliage. It may feel like perfect sweater weather, but fall is also the precursor to winter, when snowstorms and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc om our home...


Tornado Safety

Remember to Get Away, Get Shelter, Get Low. Find a sturdy house or building and go to the lowest level. If outside, go to a low ditch and do not seek shelter under an overpass....


Heat and the Human Body

How is heat severity measured? Where did the term "Feels Like" really come from? Learn some tips on heat safety and how to avoid heat illness in this infographic...



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  • Climate_Change_Today

    Climate Change Today

    From diminishing snow and ice to increasing temperatures to rising sea level to more frequent and destructive extreme weather events, 97% of scientists agree climate change is happening and it is man-made....