Nearly 32,000 without power in Knox County

Inclement weather in East Tennessee has left have thousands without power in Knox County. The Knoxville Utility Board reported 31,958 customers without power around 5 a.m. Tuesday as a wave of moderate-to-severe storms moves through the region....


6 confirmed tornadoes hit Middle Tennessee

National Weather Service officials confirmed a total of six tornadoes hit the mid-state late Monday night into early Tuesday morning. An EF1 tornado touched down in Cannon and Dekalb County Monday night into the early hours of Tuesday morning...


Stunning autumn foliage starts to emerge in southeastern US despite Florence, Michael impacts

Parts of the southeastern United States, particularly the Carolinas, were ravaged by Hurricane Florence and then by Hurricane Michael. There were concerns that these storms may have a negative impact on fall foliage in the region, as Hurricane Irma battered parts of the region in 2017 and resulted in poor autumn colors. However, projections for a vibrant fall color season still remain bright...


Leslie set to become next hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean

As the month of October begins, typically the Atlantic Ocean basin becomes quieter with fewer tropical storms and hurricanes. Long-lived Leslie will be the exception to that rule for the first week in October. AccuWeather meteorologists began tracking the subtropical system, which eventually became Leslie, on Sept. 23. On Sept. 29, Leslie was officially named a tropical storm.During this time, Leslie has not moved much, hovering above the waters of the central Atlantic for the past week. A similar scenario is likely for this first week in October....


Where is West Nile virus most common across the US this year?

Fall is here and there is an anticipation of cool weather and leaves changing. However, West Nile virus is sticking around for a little while longer. As long as the weather remains warm, mosquitoes can still transmit the disease. West Nile is an arthropod-borne virus (arboviral) disease, a virus transmitted through birds and mosquitoes. Once an infected mosquito bites a human, the disease is transmitted and that person can become infected....



  • volcanos
    6 ways volcanoes benefit Earth, our environment

    The incredible sight of molten lava streaming down a volcano’s sides as voluminous ash plumes gush tens of thousands of feet into the atmosphere will send nearby residents into a panic.It’s for good reason. Volcanic eruptions and related earthquakes have been known to wipe out neighborhoods and claim thousands of lives...



  • vog
    Vog vs. laze: What's the difference and why are they so dangerous?

    Two buzzwords associated with the air quality impacts of volcanic activity are "vog" and "laze" - but what is the difference, and what do they mean?Whether volcanic activity occurs in a single eruption or is spread out over the course of weeks or even months, residents of the impacted areas will likely deal with at least one of these air quality hazards...


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  • meteotsunami

    What is a meteotsunami?

    When intense storms move over open water, they can generate a wall of water known as a meteotsunami, an uncommon event that can cause damage along the coast of bodies of water.These events can be difficult to predict and can range from small, almost undetectable waves of water to larger waves that can inundate coastal areas...