Faith Without Action Is Dead, But Action Without Faith Is Futile

In this last year we've seen a slew of mass shootings, natural disasters, and other events that lead to a familiar response: "Our thoughts and prayers are with you."More and more that phrase is coming under attack in a well-intended but fiercely misguided claim that "thoughts and prayers are not enough."..


Are Christian Colleges Censoring Their Student Newspapers?

About half of Christian college student newspaper editors who participated in a new survey say that their publications are censored in some form or another and nearly the same percentage said school officials have, in the past, asked their newsrooms to stop pursuing stories or reporting angles...


Walking Away From Faith

Every Christian knows someone who is pulling away from faith in Jesus Christ. The young person brought up in a Christian home who now has little interest in the faith he once professed; the enthusiastic volunteer who seems close to leaving the church; the friend who has suffered great loss and now wonders why he or she should believe at all...


God Hates Abuse

Domestic abuse is cyclical. Even when pastors, counselors, and victim’s advocates intentionally intervene, abused women often find the fear of isolation, financial struggle, single parenting, violent retribution, and a host of other factors to be a hill too steep to climb. So they return home...


Responding to Moral Failure in Church Leaders

I write often on pastoral abuse, including reminding people that is not adultery, it is abuse and does not need applause, it is abuse, and sometimes a crime. Sometimes it’s an abuse of power. Sometimes it requires going public because people don’t respond or act appropriately. But, what about when it is immorality?How do we respond when it’s sin, not a crime or an abuse?..



  • gun_violence
    God Hates Gun Violence

    Violence enters the human story from nearly the beginning: “While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him” (Gen. 4:8).The Genesis narrative notes that violence soon becomes endemic...

Richard Silver

Tech Bites

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    Facebook’s ‘Secret’ File on You Is Bigger Than You Think — Here’s How to View It

    Facebook’s user data gathering prowess has been common knowledge for some time now, but one journalist’s impromptu experiment suggests it is even more ubiquitous and pervasive than previously believed. Nick Whigham, a reporter for the New Zealand Herald, decided to test out a feature on Facebook that allows users to download a ‘secret’ file showing how much personal history the company has gathered about them...