Rise of the Biohackers: Researchers Encode Malware in DNA Strands

University of Washington researchers have successfully encoded malware into DNA strands, using it to exploit a computer that analyzed the genetic material in a groundbreaking world first. The breakthrough throws up a number of troubling possibilities - one being malware encoded into genetic material potentially becoming a threat vector...


Rise of Neurotechnology: Defend Against Brain Hackers Before It's Too Late

Advances in neurotechnology "put the freedom of the mind at risk," and necessitate the establishment of binding human rights laws to protect individual rights, researchers at the Swiss University of Basel have suggested.Thoughtcrime, George Orwell's nightmare neologism, popularized by his seminal work 1984, is the criminal act of holding unspoken beliefs or doubts opposing or questioning authority...


Mutating Malware Mirai Turns IoT Devices Into Proxy Servers

Home Tech Bites Mutating Malware Mirai Turns IoT Devices Into Proxy Servers.The botnet which caused nationwide internet outages two years ago can now not only exploit vulnerabilities of the Internet, but also turn an IoT-device (Internet of Things) into a proxy server.\Researchers from FortiGuard Labs have encountered an updated version of the world's largest botnet, Mirai. The specialists nicknamed the modification Mirai OMG, according to the publication Fortinet....


Vivaldi is the best web browser you’ve never used

There’s no shortage of web browsers tempting those who want a new browsing experience. Google’s Chrome browser leads the pack, followed by Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many, many more.

Chances are you’ve heard of these, and maybe tried them all. Now, though, there’s a new browser on the scene, trying to push through the crowd to get into the cool group. It’s called Vivaldi...

Tech Bites News

  • facebook_secret_file

    Facebook’s ‘Secret’ File on You Is Bigger Than You Think — Here’s How to View It

    Facebook’s user data gathering prowess has been common knowledge for some time now, but one journalist’s impromptu experiment suggests it is even more ubiquitous and pervasive than previously believed. Nick Whigham, a reporter for the New Zealand Herald, decided to test out a feature on Facebook that allows users to download a ‘secret’ file showing how much personal history the company has gathered about them...

Security Bites

  • router
    How to Protect Your Home Router from Attacks

    Your router, that box sitting in a corner of your house giving you internet access, is in many ways more important than your laptop or mobile phone. It might not store any of your personal information directly, but sensitive data passes through it every time you access various online services and can be stolen or manipulated if the router is hacked....

Gadget Bites

  • google_clips
    The Google Clips smart camera is now available for $249

    Clips is an AI-powered camera that can automatically take pictures when it observes things it deems interesting within its 130-degree field of vision. It runs algorithms to detect people, smiles, and other triggers, and Clips learns over time what you consider most interesting. For example, when your child smiles within its view, Clips might automatically snap an image—or rather, multiple images..


Soft Bites

  • 3D-printed drones and US military.

    The military has been testing 3D-printed drones that are in use for on-demand military missions, using technology called the On-Demand Small Unmanned Aircraft System (ODSUAS)...