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Rural Metro In Knoxville Drives 10 Fully Stocked Vehicles To South Texas To Assist Flood Victims


Harvey To Cause Catastrophic Flooding In SE Texas For Days Ahead


Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall Twice In Texas As Category 4 Story, Downgraded To Category 1 Early Saturday


President Trump Rallies In Phoenix Slamming Media For Coverage Of Comments Over Charlottesville, Arizona's Senators


TN Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) Drafts Impeachment Articles Against President Trump


Charlottesville Virginia, Nation  Continues To Reel From

Violence That Killed 3, Injured 35


North Korea, President Trump Exchange Heated Words

Threatening To Hit Each Other

President Trump: North Korea Threats Will Be Met With "Fire, Fury And (Frankly) Power, The Likes Of Which The World Has Never Seen Before."


NATION: Ten Now Dead In San Antonio Smuggling Ring Attempt Gone Wrong; Florida Man Charged And In Court This AM


O.J. Granted Parole After Serving 9 Years In Prison


Sen. John McCain Diagnosed

With Brain Cancer


Hillary Clinton Sided With Russia On Sanctions As Bill

Made $500G On Moscow Speech


U.S. Prosecutors Charge More Than 400 With Health Care Fraud Totaling $1.3 Billion In False Billing


NATIONAL: President Trump Defends Son In Twitter

Feed Over Russian Meeting With Publicist In 2016



Dump Of 42 Pages Of FBI's Investigation

Of Clinton Emails Showed Obama, FBI Tried To Hide Truth About Emails



16 Dead In Marine Corps Plane Crash Near Mississippi Border Monday

FBI Called In To Investigate


New York Female Police Officer "Assassinated" While Sitting In Marked Patrol Car Late Wednesday


Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Rocks Western Montana

Early Thursday; Largest Quake in Area In 20 Years


President Trump's Travel Ban Now In Effect As Of Late Thursday


Specter of $100M Libel Suit Scares CNN Into Retracting False Story Slamming Trump Ally,

Linking Him To Russia


Former Trump Adviser Warns CNN, Other Media Outlets On Reporting Truth; CNN Fires Three Journalists Over False Story



Supreme Court Allows President Trump's Travel Ban To Go Into Effect Striking Down Lower Court Blockage


President Trump Signs Veterans

Affairs Accountability and

Whistleblower Protection Act


President Trump Calls Russia Investigation "Ridiculous"

Saying Mueller's Friendship With Comey "Very Bothersome"


NATION: Senate Republicans Release Health Care Plan As Four GOP Senators Already Saying They

Will Not Vote For Bill


Tropical Storm Cindy Targets Gulf of Mexico With Flash Flooding,

Tornado Threat Western Tennessee

To Feel Effects Friday


Otto Warmbier, American Student Detained and Tortured By

North Korea Never Comes Out Of Coma Upon U.S. Return, Dies At 22


Judge Declares Mistrial In

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case


Seven Navy Sailors Missing, One Injured After U.S. Destroyer Collides With Merchant Ship Off Coast of Japan


President Trump Calls FBI Probe "Witch Hunt," Takes Swipe At

Deputy Attorney General Who Recommended Comey Firing

President Trump Asks Why Isn't Hillary Clinton, Crooked Dems Under Investigation Too?


Congressman Shot Wednesday Still In Critical Condition; Gets Surprise Visit From President Trump, First Lady


House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Three Others, Shot By Armed Gunman  At GOP Baseball Practice Wednesday Morning


  • Members of DC Police Injured In Shoot Out With Gunman Who Has Died

  • Assailant Dead; Politically Motivated

  • Nearly 50 Shots Ring Out

  • FBI Now In Charge


Congressman Dr. Phil Roe (R-TN) Statement On Shooting


President Trump On Shooting: "Deeply Saddened" About VA Shooting; Scalise "Badly Injured"


Anti-Shariah Law Marches Across Country Met With Protests, Violence


Federal Judge Denies Bond To Georgia Woman Charged

With Leaking Classified U.S. Info To Media

Realty Winner Accused Of Leaking Classified Information Once Wrote She

Wanted "To Burn The White House Down" And Praised Taliban

Rosie O'Donnell Gives Her $1000, Calls

Her A "Patriot"


 Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Attacks White House Budget Office Nominee For Being Christian At Hearing


Former FBI Director James Comey Rips President Trump During Thursday Hearings But May Be In Big Trouble


President Trump To Nominate Christopher Wray As Next

FBI Director


Federal Contractor Arrested For Leaking Classified Information To Newspaper About Russian Hacking


At Least 5 Dead In Reported Murder-Suicide

 At Orlando Florida's Industrial Area


President Trump Withdraws USA From Paris Climate Accord Thursday Drawing Praise From Right, Hysteria From Left


President Trump Lashes Out At CIA Leaks Over British Bombing After London Stops Sharing  Info With America


Three Tornadoes Touch Down Near Dayton, Ohio,

Wright Paterson Air Force Base



Man Who Crashed Into Times Square Sidewalk Killing 1 Charged

With Murder, 20 Counts Of  Attempted Murder

 Former UT Grad Witnessed Times Square Crash


Former FBI Director Robert Mueller III Named To Special Counsel Over Russian-American Election Probe

President Trump Reacts To New Special Counsel Into Probe Of Russian Meddling

President Trump Tweets Early Thursday:

 Russian Probe "A Witch Hunt"


President Trump Denies Pressuring Former FBI Director James Comey

To End Probe Of Mike Flynn Despite Memo


Murdered DNC Staffer Was Source Of Leaked Internal Emails To WikiLeaks Law Enforcement Officials Tell Fox


Massive Global Cyber Attack Hits 100K Organizations In 150 Countries

Continuing Into "Blue" Monday

Tips For Staying Safe From Hacker Attacks Such As One That His 150 Countries This Weekend


Attorney General Lays Law Down With New Directive To Federal Prosecutors To Get Tough On Violent Crime


Former FBI Director James Comey Sends Encouraging Letter To Staff After Firing Saying "I Will Be Fine"


President Trump Fires

FBI Director James Comey

President Trump Slams Democrat's Response

To Comey Firing


OPED: GREGG JARRETT: James Comey Deserved To Be Fired


Republicans Vote 217-213 To Narrowly Approve Sweeping Health Care Bill To Repeal Obama Care

What The Obama Care Repeal Bill In The House Will Mean For The Nation


President Trump Signs Religious Liberty Executive Order Protecting Churches, Non-Profit Groups


US Air Force Intercepts

Russian Bombers On American Border

Early Thursday AM Near Alaska


Death Toll Hits 14 In Deadly

Tornadic Storms In South, Midwest


President Marks 100 Days With Patriotic Rally In PA While Dishing Annual

White House Media Dinner

Host Blasts, Mocks  Trump At White House Correspondents Dinner

Trump: I Couldn't Be Happier To Be With People Not Media


President Trump Hits 100 Day Mark In Presidency With

Many Accomplishments


Congress Passes Stopgap Measure To Keep Government Running


President Trump Accuses Political Opponents Of "Judge Shopping" In Bid To Block Sanctuary City Funding Order; Vows Fight To Supreme Court


California Judge Blocks President Trump's Executive Order Seeking to Withhold Federal Funds To "Sanctuary Cities"

Federal Judge Who Blocked Trump Executive Order On Sanctuary Cities Bundled Nearly

$200K For Former President Obama


President Trump Marks

First 100 Days In Office


Former Florida Gator, New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez Kills Himself In Prison


Vice President Mike Pence Warns North Korea

"End Of Strategic Patience Is Over" During Visit To South Korea



Virginia Tech Marks 10 Year Anniversary

Of Campus Shooting That Killed 32



Police Hunting For Man Suspected Of Killing Elderly Passerby

Near Cleveland And Posting Footage Of Murder Of Facebook


CEO Of United Airlines Issues Strongly Worded Apology

United Airlines Widely Criticized Handling

Of Passenger Forcibly Removed From

Overbooked Plane


Suspect Caught, Arrested Who Was Accused of Stealing Firearms,

Writing 161-Page Threatening Manifesto To President Trump, Christians


Judge Neil Gorsuch To Be Sworn In Today To SCOTUS By Chief Justice John Roberts


House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes Steps Down Temporarily From Role In Russian Investigation


Senate Republicans Preparing To Deploy "Nuclear Option" To Confirm Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch


Sources: Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Requested To Unmask The Names of Trump Transition Caught In Surveillance


Bomb Blast Kills 10, Injures More Than 50 In St. Petersburg Russia Monday


White House Asking Congress To "Dig Deeper" Into Wire Tap Claims

After Ex-Obama Administration Official's Admission


Senate Judiciary Committee Voted 11-9 To Advance Judge Neil Gorsuch

For Supreme Court



Trump Administration Puts Sanctuary City Mayors, State Governors On Notice Federal Funds Will Be Withheld If Laws Not Upheld


President Trump To Undo Obama Plan To Curb Global

Warming and other EPA Job Killing Orders


Former Top Obama Administration Official Acknowledges Efforts To Gather Intelligence on Trump Team

Trump Administration Puts Sanctuary City Mayors, State Governors On Notice


Incident At Capitol Hill Wednesday Morning "Criminal," Not Terror;

Woman Hits Police Cruiser,

Arrested After Shots Fired


Cincinnati Police Say 15 People Shot, One Dies In Cincinnati Night Club Shooting


Maryland's Governor Vows To Fight And Veto "Sanctuary" State Vote Should It Be Sent To Him As Law

OPINION: Media Coverage Of MD Rape Case Disgusting In Light Of Coverage Of Fake 2014

Claim Of Virginia Gang-Rape Claim


Pro-Life Judge Neil Gorsuch To Receive First Vote Monday


Lawyers For Alleged Rapists Say Incident With 14-Year Old

Was "Consensual"

One of Two Attackers In Alleged Rape Of 14-Year Old In Maryland Bathroom Is Illegal Immigrant


Parents Accused Of Leaving Eight-Week Old Baby Boy In Car Seat On Ground In Parking Lot



NATIONAL: Republicans Pull Health Care Bill Prior To Vote;

President Trump: Dems Now Own

Obamacare 100% - Time To Move On



ISIS Claims Responsibility For London Terror Attack That Leaves Five Dead Including A Police Officer, Assailant


U.S. Intel Committee Chair: NSA Put Information In Report "That Didn't Belong In There"


Parents Show Outrage After Rape At Rockville High School In Montgomery County, MD By Illegal Immigrant, One Other Student

One of Two Attackers In Alleged Rape Of 14-Year Old In Maryland Bathroom Is Illegal Immigrant


Nearly 10K Pack Nashville's Municipal Auditorium Wednesday Night To Rally Behind President Donald Trump


MSNBC Releases Illegal Copy of 2005 Taxes Of President Trump

Drawing Stern Rebuke From WH;


Artist Who Portrayed Trump As Nazi on Arizona Billboard Defends Actions


MSNBC Releases 2005 Taxes Of President Trump Drawing

Stern Rebuke From WH; Legal Experts: What MSNBC Did Illegal


Conway Challenges Comey Rejection Of Trump Wire Tap Comments

FBI Asks Justice Department To Refute Trump

Claim Of Obama Wiretapping Accusations


U.S. Economy Added $235K Jobs In February, Much More Than Expected As Unemployment Rate Dips To 4.7%


President Trump Accuses Obama Of Wiretapping Trump Tower During Election Process, Hits Back Hard Against Dems On Sessions Attacks


Democrats At Heart Of AG Jeff Session Controversy Met With Same

Russian Ambassador


President Trump Issues Powerful First Address

To Joint Session of Congress


28 Injured At Mardi Gras When Drunk Driver Plows Into

Crowd Watching Parade Near Mid-City Area


Leftists Rip First Lady For Reciting Lord's Prayer At

President Trump's Florida Rally


President Trump Rocks Press During Feisty Press Conference Thursday

Vowing To Find Leakers

 Sets Out Process as Evidence Points To Former Obama Officials


At Least 188K Under Evacuation Orders As Oroville Dam

Failing And Causing Specific Danger


Rep. Phil Roe's Statement on

President Trump's Order

Roe Introduces Bipartisan Bills To Protect Seniors


Seattle Federal Judge Puts Temporary

 Halt On President Trump's Travel Ban Order From Immigrants From

Seven States


President Trump Warns UC-Berkeley Feds Will Yank Funds

After Violent Protests Erupt Over Right Wing Speaker


Federal Judge In New York Issues Emergency Order Temporarily Barring U.S. From Deporting People Subject

To President Trump's Travel Ban


President Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Refugees In Seven ISIS controlled regions from Entering United States For Three Months To Vet For Terrorism


President Donald Trumps First Executive Order Eases Penalties,

Burden Off Citizens Affected By Obama Care


East Tn Man Involved In

Inauguration Ceremonies


Local Women March To Protest New President Donald Trump


Dow Jones Makes History Wednesday Hitting 20,000 For First Time Ever;

Market Up 1,667 Since President Trump Won Election


IRS To Delay Tax Refunds For

Low Income Families


U.S. Deploys 400K Troops To Poland

As Deterrent Against Russia


Dems to Hang Disrespectful Art To Cops After Republican

Senator Takes It Down



Latest On Deadly Shooting At Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Relatives Of Shooter In Deadly Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport Rampage Say He Had Mental Health Issues


Four African Americans Arrested In Chicago For Torturing Disabled

White Man And Streaming Live Yelling Racial, Anti-Trump Slurs


Four To Be Charged With Hate Crime

Chicago Ends Year With 762 Recorded Homicides - More Than Both NY, LA; Murder Up 57% From 2015New Years Day Alone - 28 Dead From Shootings

O'Reilly: A Tale Of Two Cities


Chicago Ends Year With 762 Recorded Homicides - More Than NY and LA Combined



Top Dems Turn On John Kerry

Over Israel


President Obama Slaps Sanctions On Russia, Expels 35 Diplomats In

Unproven Election Hacking Claims


Congress Looking To Defund UN After U.S./UN Anti-Israel Vote On Settlements


Trump WH Communications Director Jason Miller

Resigns Two Days After Taking Job


RNC Message Heralding Christ's Birth Draws Disgusting Backlash Even From Some Republicans




VP Biden Rips Clinton Campaign Over Loss;

Says "Elitism" Crept Into Party


Russian President Vladimir Putin Rips Dems

Saying "Don't Blame Me For Loss"


Trump Officially Elected President With 304 Electoral Votes Monday

Vice President Biden Speaks Honors At Late John Glenn's Funeral; Famous Astronaut Dead At 95; Services Held Saturday In Ohio


Peter King (R-NY) Slams Intelligence Community For Forcing Cancellation of Planned Briefing On Russia Interference In Elections



Senate Democrats Scrambling To Prevent

Two Of Their Own From Trump Administration Posts


No Washington DC Marching Band Will Perform

In Presidential Inauguration For First Time In 20 Years


75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Remembered Across Nation


Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Subpoenaed To Appear

In Civil Lawsuit Against Pilot Flying J Truck Stop


Report: A Total of 60 Law Enforcement Officers Have Died In Gun-Related Incidents In 2016;

A 67% Increase; 130 Officers Have Died Overall


President Elect Donald Trump Offers Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions

Post Of Attorney General


Obama Takes Final Swipe At Republicans And Defends His Legacy During Final European Trip


Anti-Trump Protesters Take To Streets Across Nation Late Wednesday, Dozens Arrested


Obama To Rioters: March On And

Don't Remain Silent


Donald J. Trump Pulls Off Historic Upset Over

Hillary Clinton To Become 45th President Of United States


Former First Ever Female Attorney General

Janet Reno Dead At 78



5.0 Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma Causing Substantial Damage, No Injuries


Two Des Moines Iowa Police Officers Killed In Ambush; Police Say Suspect Is In Custody


Emails Show Clinton Campaign Has Had

Long Disgust With Comey Over FBI's Comments On

Crime Figures, Police


FBI SOURCES: 99% Chance Five Foreign Intelligence Agencies Accessed and Took Emails Off Clinton Server


Central Italy Hit By Historic, Powerful 6.6 Earthquake;

Strongest In 36 Yrs


Oklahoma Man Wanted In Deadly Crime Spree Shot and Killed


Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Outs Obama Claim He Knew Nothing Of Clinton Server

"We Must Clean This Up"


Top Clinton Ally Gave Nearly $500K To Campaign of Wife Of FBI Official Who Oversaw Hillary Clinton Email Probe


Reports Show FBI May Have Accepted Bribes From

Clinton Campaign To Not Indict Over Email


OPED: The Greatest Cyber Security Threat To America

Is Her Democratic Presidential Candidate



Report: Top Aides Accepted Money From

Foreign Interests Without Telling Hillary

Top Clinton Aides Upset Muslim Man Was Behind 2015 Massacre That Left 14 Dead


Two Boston Officers In Critical Condition After Being Shot; Gunman Dead


Former President Bill Clinton Calls

Affordable Care Act Or "Obama Care"

"The Craziest Thing In the World"


Man Accused Of Setting Off Bombs In NY, NJ

Scheduled For Arraignment


U.S. Death Toll At 16 From Hurricane Matthew As As Deadly Life

Threatening Flooding Hits NC


Suspect Who Shoots Two Palm Spring California Police Officers To

 Death IN Custody; Third Offer In Serious Condition


Hurricane Matthew Weakens To

Category One Storm But Still Packing

Wallop As It Nears SC Coast


Julian Assange Cancels Announcement About Clinton Emails


One Killed, Over 100 Injured In Commuter Train Crash In Hoboken, NJ


Former Miss Universe At Center Of Latest Trump Controversy

Takes Ugly Shots At Melania Trump's Looks, Speech


Nine Injured By Houston Gunman Who Is Killed By

Police After Shooting People At Strip Mall



Tech Specialist Who Scrubbed Clinton's Email Server Was Acting

On Behest Of Clinton Aides, Cheryl Mills and IT Pagliano


Violent Crime Spikes Across U.S. In 2015 After

Two Years of Declines Says FBI


Trump- Clinton Clash In Fiery First Debate

Over Taxes, ISIS, Temperament


20-Year Old Immigrant With Possible ISIS Ties Kills 5 At Washington State Mall North of Seattle; Area Was "Gun Free" Zone


Damning Report By Department Of Homeland Security on Actual Immigration Figures Being Kept Private By Obama White House


Afghan Immigrant Who Planted Bombs

Held On $5.2M Bail


Arrest Made In Civilian Death That

Occurred Wednesday During

Violent Protests In Charlotte

Charlotte Protests Remain Mainly Peaceful On Third Night Following Shooting





44 Arrested, Man Shot Killed After Violent Night In Charlotte, NC


Violent Riots Erupt In Charlotte For Second Straight Night Following Police Shooting of Black Man

Charlotte Erupts Into Riots Overnight, 16 Police Injured After Shooting of Suspect By Black Officer


Eight Injured In Minnesota Mall Knife-Welding Attack; Attacker Calls Himself "Son Of The Islamic State"; ISIS Takes Responsibility



FBI Nabs NYC Bombing Suspect After Shootout Early Monday; 29 Injured Over Weekend


Manhunt On For 28-Year Old Afghan Man In Connection With NYC, NJ Bomb Attacks; NYC Bomb Injures 29 Over Weekend


Damning Report By Department Of Homeland Security on Actual Immigration Figures Being Kept Private By Obama White House


America Remembers

911 Fifteen Years Later

Local East Tennessee Cities Recognize

15 Year Anniversary Of 911



Man Attempts To Kill Police Officers With Vehicle Near Phoenix


Chicago Homicides Hit 20-Year High With Deadly Weekend; Homicides Soar Past 500



Report: Clinton Wore Ear Piece While Fielding Questions At Forum Wednesday Night


Law Enforcement Agencies On High Alert

As 15th Anniversary Of September 11

Attacks Approaches Next Weekend


5.6 Earthquake Rattles Swath of

Great Plains From Nebraska To North Texas


FBI Documents: Clinton Claimed Ignorance

Of Classification Process Despite Leading Department That

Handled Such Information



Chicago Homicides Hit 20-Year High With Deadly Labor Day Weekend;

Homicides Soar Past 500


Law Enforcement Agencies On High Alert

As 15th Anniversary Of September 11

Attacks Approaches This Weekend


Fox Settles With Gretchen Carlson For $20M

In Sexual Harassment Law Suit


FBI Releases Documents From Clinton Email Investigation

Friday Before Labor Day To Bury Story


Hurricane Hermine Becomes First

Hurricane To Hit Florida In Over Decade

 Hermine Battering Carolinas Early Friday

After Leaving Damage in Florida


Explosion Rocks SpaceX Launch Site In Florida's Cape Canaveral


National Debt Could Hit $20T Next Year According To CBO


Federal Judge Blocks Obama Administration's Transgender Directive


Feds Investigating Weekend Stabbing In Virginia As Possible ISIS

Inspired Terror Attack; Event Left Two Wounded


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell To Reporters:

Clinton Trying To "Pin" Her Own Scandals On Him


Two USA Olympic Swimmers Pulled Off Plane Amid

Robbery Investigation At Local Gas Station



classified material in Hillary notes limits access


Same Press That Ripped George W. Bush Response To 2005's Hurricane Katrina Silent On Obama Vacationing, Golfing During Historic Louisiana Floods


Louisiana Flooding Has Damaged 40K Homes; 11 Killed In Worst Flooding In Louisiana History


Four Year Old Arkansas Girl Safe After Couple Zip-Tied Toddler;

Child Thought Her Name Was "Idiot"



Southern California Wildfires Have Scorched Nearly 30K Homes, 82K People Evacuated


NY Fire Departments Ordered To Stop Flying

American Flags Over "Protocol" Concerns


California Man Arrested Monday For Arson Causing

California Wildfires That Destroyed 175 Homes


Violent Rioting Rocks Milwaukee Wisconsin After

Police Involved Shooting



10-Year Old Who Died At Waterpark Died Of Neck Injury

While Riding 168-Foot Tall Water Slide

10-Year Old Son Of Kansas State Lawmaker Dies In Accident At World Largest Water Park in Kansas City, KS


Delta Airlines Reporting Thousands Of Stranded Passengers Due

To Power Outage That Crippled Global Computer Systems


Chicago Police On Edge As Gangs Reportedly Met Last

Week To Discuss Plans To Kill Officers


Suspect Caught In Deadly Arkansas Police Shooting;

One Dead, One Injured




"Major Disaster" In "Unprecedented" Flooding Near Baton Rouge, LA; Three Dead In State As Governor Declares State of Emergency


Delta Enters Fourth Day Of Computer

Glitches, Cancelled Flights


Parents Of Two of Four Americans Who Died in Benghazi Sue Hillary Clinton For "Reckless Handling" Of Classified Information





Obama Administration Denies It Secretly Airlifted $400M Ransom For Four Released American Iranian Hostages in January



Searchers Find Missing Ohio Teen In Grand Teton National Park


Woman Murdered In London Square Was American,

Wife Of Florida State Professor



CDC Issues Travel Warning For Southern Florida As

ZIKA Virus Incidents Climb To 16


Court Decisions Further Stack Deck Against Republicans

 Lifting Six GOP Voter Restriction Laws In Three States


 Federal Judge Releases John Hinckley Jr, Man Who Tried

To Kill Ronald Reagan in 1981 To Live With Mother In

Virginia Full Time


Texas Hot Air Balloon Crashes, Kills 16


First Case Of ZIKA Transmitted By

Mosquitoes Found in Florida  


Virginia Police Officer Refused Service At Noodles & Company

Near Alexandria




Florida Police: Night Club Shooting Not Terrorism




Kansas City Kansas Police Officer Shot and Killed







Huge Crane Collapses Near New York City Bridge, 5 Hurt



University Of California At Berkeley Confirms Missing American

Student in NICE France Attack Was Killed


Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer Left

Message Of Hope On Facebook Days

Prior To His Shooting Death


Officers Killed In Baton Rouge

Ambush Identified





A Texas Father And Son Among Dead As Truck Plows Into Crowd For Over 100 Yards, As Driver Gets Out And Begins To Shoot into Crowd; Suspect Tunisian French Nationalist With Terror Ties




Washington State Restaurant Tells Police They Are No Longer Welcomed Or Wanted To Dine There



Funerals Held Wednesday For Three Of Fallen Dallas

Police Officer; One Other Friday, One Saturday


President Obama, Former President Bush Comfort Mourners In Dallas Honoring Memories Of Five Officers Killed Last Week


FALLOUT After Dallas Shootings

NEW: Co-Founder Of Black Militia Group Praises Man Who Killed Five

Police Officers Saying "He Will Be Celebrated"


IRS Finally Admits It Targeted Conservative Groups In Suit List


SPECIAL REPORT: Smuggling Network Sneaking Illegal Immigrants From Middle East Terror Hotbeds

Across Southern Border


Three Teenage Boys Missing In Abandoned Mine Since Sunday


At Least 48 Arrested In Louisiana After Protests Over Weekend


Two Bailiffs, Suspected Gunman

Dead In Michigan Courthouse Shooting

Two Officers Taunted, Served Inedible Food At Shelby NC Zaxbys


FALLOUT After Dallas Shootings

NEW: Co-Founder Of Black Militia Group Praises Man Who

Killed Five Police Officers Saying "He Will Be Celebrated"

Minnesota Officer Fatally Shoots Man In Car With Woman, Child;

Event Live Streamed On Facebook


Protests Break Out In Baton Rouge Louisiana Over

Fatal Shooting of Suspect By Two Cops

Second Video Surfaces Showing Fatal Shooting Of

Baton Rouge Man By Two Police Officers


Triple Murder Suspect In Oregon Had Been

Deported Six Times




Supreme Court Strikes Down

Texas Law Regulating Abortion Clinics


At Least 24 Dead In "Once In A

Thousand Year" Flooding


Two Dead, Nearly 60,000 Acres

Scorched In California Wildfires


Wife of Orlando Terrorist May Face Charges In

Connection With Attack That Killed 53



Body Recovered In Search For Father, Three Children Missing

Off Florida Coast In Gulf of Mexico




PA Couple Gives 14-Year Old Away For Money

To Man Who Sexually Assaulted Teen


Former Stockbroker To Stars, Real "Wolf Of Wall Street"

Found Dead At 53


Orlando Terrorist Visited Gay Bar Often Before Rampage That Killed 53; FBI Says Disney World Was Other Possible Target


Department Of Homeland Security Seeking To Reject Using "Jihad"

And "Sharia" In Counter Terrorism Program Approaches


Muslim Kills French Police Officer, Tortures Wife

To Death In Front of Twin Toddlers, While Live Streaming

Rampage On Facebook


Body Of Toddler Attacked By Alligator At Walt Disney World

Found By Deputies Wednesday

Original Story On Tuesday


Federal Appeals Court Throws Out Ventura Award From

American Sniper Chris Kyle's Estate


Ex-Voice Singer Christina Grimmie Shot and Killed Outside Concert Venue; Killer is 27-Year Old Who Shot Himself Shortly After


Thousands Say Goodbye To Ali In Louisville As

The Greatest Is Laid To Rest



Former Sandford Swimmer Accused Of Rape Lied

To Judge About Alcohol Use


IRS Finally Admits It Targeted Conservative Groups As It Releases

List In Class Action Lawsuit


Clinton Officially Clinches Democratic Presidential

Nomination With Huge Wins



Former U.S. Attorney: Clinton Aides All Using Same Lawyer Huge

 "Red Flag" In Email Scandal Case


Five Dead, Four Injured In Deadly

Michigan Hit and Run


State Of Emergency Still In Effect For Portions Of Florida

After Tropical Storm Colin Leaves Flooding

Possible Tornado Rips Through West Side Of Jacksonville

Causing Damage From Tropical Storm Colin


U.S. Warning Citizens Of Possible Terror Attacks

By Islamic Militants In South Africa


Obama Turns To Hollywood Again To Push Immigration Message


Trump Hits Back At Newt Over Judge Comments


HEALTH: Access To Birth Control Act Would Fine Pharmacists

$1000 Day For Denying Birth Control Prescriptions


Murder-Suicide At UCLA Kills Two

Including Gunman

Student In Murder-Suicide May Have Killed MN Woman on "Kill" List


Pop Star Prince Died Of Opioid Overdose

According To Reports



General Mills Recalls 10 Million Pounds Of Flower



Nearly 33.9 Million To Travel During Memorial Day Weekend;

Gas Prices At 11-Year Lows



Louisiana's Governor Signs First Ever

"Blue Lives Matter" Bill


Obama Calls For Reducing Nuclear Weapon Stockpiles During Historic Visit To Hiroshima, Japan



Human Remains In EgyptAir 804 Suggest Explosion On Board Aircraft May Have Been Cause Of Crash



U.S. Removes Arms Embargo Against Vietnam

In Effort To Stem China Aggression


North Texas Man Shoots, Kills 3-Year Old

Stepson Because He Was Upset Boy Was

Jumping On The Bed


Secret Service Shoots Armed Man Who

Approached White House Friday


Data Shows Smoke Inside Cabin Of Ill-Fated

Egypt-Air Plane Right Before It Crashed

Into Mediterranean


Donald Trump Releases Names of 11 Judges He Would Vet To Consider For Vacant Supreme Court Seat Should He Be Elected


Sanders Takes Oregon,

Clinton Declares Win In KY


Ex-Democratic Alaskan Senator Facing Murder Charges In

Death Of Hunting Buddy


Florida Woman Bitten By Shark Taken To

Hospital With Shark Still Attached To Arm


Former Model Slams NYT Hit Piece on

Donald Trump Concerning Women


RNC Head Reince Priebus: Third Party GOP Candidate A "Suicide" Mission For The Country


Obama Administration To Schools:

Enforce Transgender Policies Or Else


Sanders, Trump Roll In West Virginia;

Trump, Clinton Win in Nebraska

But 25 Delegates Given To Sanders


Iran Deal Scandal Exploding As President Obama's Closest Aide

Claims Information Was Manipulated To Close Deal


Deadly Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma,

Four Other States, Two Dead

East Tn To See Strong Storms Early Wednesday


Mexican Judge Says Drug Lord "El Chapo" Can Be

Extradited To U.S. To Face Charges


ISIS Executes 7-Year Old Syrian Boy For "Cursing"



Romanian Hacker Tells Fox News He Easily Breached Hillary Clinton's Personal Email Server


50 Mass Graves Found In Retaken ISIS Territory


USGA: Several Earthquakes Detected Below

Surface Of Mt. Saint Helens


China Blocks U.S. Navy Aircraft From

Arriving At Hong Kong Port


Donald Trump Romps In Indiana; Cruz. Kasich Quit Race;

Trump Now "Presumptive" GOP Nominee

Sanders Routs Clinton on Dem Side


Five Seattle Police Officers Injured

In May Day Protests


CIA Director Slams 9-11 Commission Report Concerning

Saudi Involvement


Baltimore TV Station Evacuated After Bomb Scare



Trump, Clinton Sweep NE Primaries Tuesday As Big Showdown In Indiana Looms Next Week



Autopsy Results In On 8 Massacred Ohio Family Members In Apparent Drug-Related Executions


FDA Release: CRF Frozen Foods Issues Recall Frozen Vegetable Items


Cruz Wins Maine; Trump New York In

Latest GOP Primaries



Russia Warns US Over Baltic Sea

Incident With Destroyer


Supreme Court To Rule On Obama

Executive Order On Immigration



Texas Declares State of Emergency In

9 Counties Due to Flooding



246 Confirmed Dead In 7.8 Magnitude

Earthquake In Ecuador


Declassified 9-11 Documents Show

Multiple Saudi Conspirators


18-Year Old Ohio Woman Accused Of Live-Streaming

Alleged Rape of 17-Year Old Friend



Russian Jets Cause U.S. Jets To Scramble

Near USS Ronald Reagan


Obama Defense Cuts Leaving

Marine Corps Stripped To Bone


North Korea Test Of Missile Literally

Blows Up In Their Face



Man Held On $2M Bond In Grisly Murder Of Seattle

Area Mother Of Three


Two More Charged In

Brussels Bombings


Two Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide At

Lackland Air Force Base In San Antonio, Texas


Top Terror Suspect In Belgium Suicide Attack Arrested


Extradition Of Romanian Hacker "Guccifer"

Critical Point In FBI Criminal Probe of Clinton Emails



U.S. Navy Stops Iranian Shipment Of Weapons Dead In Tracks

At Least 22 ISIS Radicals Linked To Brussels, Paris Attacks Still At Large


EgyptAir Hijacker Diverted Flight "Because Of Love"



Police Looking For Two Suspects After Teen Pepper

Sprayed Outside Trump Rally In Wisconsin


During Terror Attacks, Obama Goes To Baseball Game In Cuba

Calls For End Of "Cold War" As Trip Ends


President Obama Makes Historic Visit To Cuba


Three George Mason University Students Arrested After

Bomb-Making Materials Found In Dorm Room




Gas Prices Jump On Average 17 Cents Over

Past Two Weeks According to AAA


Todd Palin Still In Intensive Care After Snowmobile Accident



East PA Armed Robbery Turns Deadly

Along Turnpike; Two Dead


 NY Middle School Teacher Under For Showing ISIS

Beheading Video To Students


Obama Appoints Merrick Garland To Supreme Court To Replace Late Justice Scalia; Showdown With Republicans Looming


North Korea Hands Out Stiff Sentence To Captured

American Tourist For "Subversion"


Clinton: U.S. Didn't Lose "A Single Person" In Libya

During Her Time As Secretary Of State


37 Rescued From Australian Icebreaker Ship In Antarctica


Man Charged 14 Months After Brutal Burning

Death Of Jessica Chambers



Four Dead Including Gunman In Kansas Shooting;

14 Wounded Near Wichita


Michigan Uber Driver Shooting Rampage Leaves

Six Dead Over Weekend



Justice Anton Scalia Laid To Rest Saturday


 White House, Apple Trying To Find Compromise Over Terrorist Phone

As Feds File Official Request For Access

Apple Refusing To Unlock Cell Phone Records of San

Bernardino Terror Attack Suspects


President Obama Reported To Miss Funeral For Supreme Court

Justice Antonin Scalia; Biden To Go

 Obama "Regrets" 2006 Decision To Filibuster Samuel Alito's Nomination To Supreme Court


Knoxville Resident One Of 3 Killed In Central PA Pileup That Sent Dozens To Hospitals


Divided Supreme Court Halts Obama's Controversial New Power Plant Regulations;  5-4 Decision Halts WH Global Warming Power Grab



Grim Discovery In Missouri: Missing 3-Year Old Found Dead In

Van Mile Away From House In Diapers In Frigid Cold


 Tensions High Between South, North Korea After North Korea's

Launch Of Long-Range Rocket


Obama Rips Anti-Muslim Comments In First Visit Ever To

An American Mosque; Mosque Tied To Terror


Clinton Handling Of Sensitive Emails

"Put Lives At Risk" According To

New Revelations


Israel's Electric Grid Hit With

"Largest Cyber Attack" In Nation's History



Glen Doherty's Sister Has Strong Reaction To Bill Clinton's

Comments About Hillary On Benghazi


Second Virginia Tech Student Charged In Death

Of 13-Year Old Girl Who Went Missing Since Last Week

 Murdered 13-Year Old Virginia Girl May Have Met Killers Online


Weather Channel Meteorologist Apparently Committed

Suicide In Sunday Wreck Near Atlanta


Feds Plead With Oregon Ranchers To End Standoff

After One Killed During Traffic Stop Tuesday


 Teen Who Used "Affluenza" Defense In Deadly Drunken Driving

Wreck Extradited Back To U.S.


Kent State Professor Linked To Supporting

ISIS Denies Allegations



Clinton Emails Reveals Server Had Intelligence

From U.S. Government's Most Secretive

and Highly Classified Programs (SAP)


Supreme Court To Review Obama Immigration

Orders Protecting 5 Million Illegal

Immigrants From Deportation


Clinton, Sanders Spar In Dem Debate;

Clinton Comment Gets Twitter Backlash


Iran Gets 7 Prisoners, U.S. 4 In Historic Swap

As U.S., Europe Lift All Sanctions Against Islamic Terrorist State


Cruz, Trump Clash Over "Eligibility", "New York" Values; Top Two Republicans Spar Throughout Debate


NATION: Lawsuit Seeks To Remove "In God We Trust" Off U.S. Money


Despite U.S. Efforts To Deny It, Iran Treats Captured Soldiers

As Prisoners Of War In Pictures


Oregon Folk Singer Plans To "Serenade" ISIS

In Peace Concert Believing He Can Soften

The Hearts Of The ISIS Army


Suspect Arrested In Murder Of American Woman Found Strangled In Her Italian Apartment Was Illegal Immigrant From Senegal


Hurricane Alex Forms In Atlantic Ocean Near

Azores; First January Hurricane Since 1938


Sweeping Gun Control Executive Orders

Issued ByPresident Obama

Obama Orders Background Checks On All Online, Gun Show Sales; Executive Order Sparks Fierce Debate


Obama Downplays Threat Of ISIS, Defends

His Economic Record In Final State Of The Union Address

 Federal Drug Adviser To Visit East Tennessee Thursday


Iran Releases 10 U.S. Navy Sailors Who Were Detained After Two Small

Boats Crossed Into Iranian Territorial Waters



Alabama Ravaged By Christmas Day Tornadoes, Flooding; 15 Dead In Severe Rampage Over TN, AR, MS, AL


Cuba, U.S.A. Re-Establish

Direct Mail Service


L.A. Area Schools Cancelled For

 Day Due To Terrorist Threat

Second Largest School District In Country

Email Threat Came In At 5AM To School Board Member


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl To Face Court Martial Over Desertion,

Could Face Life In Prison


President Obama Says U.S. Is "At War With Terrorism"

During Sunday Night Address To Nation

Clinton: Using Term "Radical" Islam Is Injustice To Vast Numbers Of Muslim

 New White House Report: ISIS Group Growing In Syria, Iraq

 OPINION: Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro: "Stop Pussyfooting" Around With ISIS

Picture Emerging Of Very "Religious" Backgrounf


Trump Calls For "Complete Shutdown"

Of Muslims Entering U.S.


Investigators Eyeing $28,500 Deposit Into Syed Farook's Bank Account Days Before

California Massacre

 Photos Emerge Of Islamic Couple Who Killed 14 Arriving In U.S. In 2014

 DHS Unveils New Terror Alert System In Light Of "New Phase" r


Report: Terrorist Syed Farook Eyed School Attack Prior To San Bernardino


Planned Parenthood Clinic Shooter Pleads Guilty To

All 179 Charges Against Him


Pearl Harbor's Memory Still Lives 74 Years Later

During Monday Tributes

America's Oldest Living Veteran Helps Nation Mark

74th Anniversary Of Pearl Harbor Attack


FBI Classifies San Bernardino Event As Act of

Terrorism That Killed 14, 17 Injured; Female Shooter Pledged

Allegiance To ISIS Moments Before Killings

Single Most Deadliest Terror Attack On American Soil Since 9-11


Clinton: Using Term "Radical" Islam Is Injustice To

Vast Numbers Of Muslim

New White House Report: ISIS

Group Growing In Syria, Iraq



Ohio Sisters Charged With Strangling

Their Mom With Computer Cords

Attack On Office In California Kills 14, Injures 17; Muslim Couple Suspects Killed In Shootout With Police; Terrorism Not Being

Ruled Out As Motive By FBI

California Attack Latest In String Of U.S. Mass Shooting Since 2012

 Syed Farook, Prime Suspect In California Office Massacre Described As "Polite, Reserved"



O'Reilly: Another Muslim Related Massacre- This Time in America

14 Victims Of San Bernardino Terror Attack Identified


"On A Mission" Of Death - More Acts Were Planned

Massive Arsenal Of Ammo, Bombs Found In Wake Of Muslim Couple Terror Rampage

FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS believe there is a ‘very serious’ possibility that Tashfeen Malik, one of two shooters who murdered 14 people and wounded 17 others in San Bernadino, Calif. Wednesday, radicalized her husband and co-assailant, county restaurant inspector Syed Farook, Fox News has learned.


Police Detain 5 NJ Fifth Graders For Plotting Attack on High School

During Field Trip


U.S. State Department Troubled By Russian Blockage Of Soros Groups


WEATHER: Ice Storm, Flooding Kill

14 Across Texas, Kansas


Police Arrest Gunman Who Killed 3 At Planned Parenthood Clinic


Suspected Burglar Dies After Being Stuck In Chimney After

Central CA Family Lights Fire


Rand Paul Slams CNN On "Collusion" With Clinton Camp Over

Benghazi Testimony


Report: U.S. Central Command Was Pressured To Ease Off

"Negative" Assessments of ISIS


16 Injured In New Orleans Park Shooting Sunday


Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Gets More Than

15 Years In Prison On Child Porn And Sex Charges


 NYT/CBS Poll: 72% Overall Of Americans Feel Obama's Fight

Against ISIS Going Badly - Before Paris Attacks


Obama Slams Republicans Over Halt To Muslim Refugee Placement But Has Done Little To Help Syrian Christians In Need Of Asylum


FBI Not Ready For Holiday Attacks According to Reports


White House, Kerry On Defense After "Setback" Comments

Concerning Paris Attack That Left 129 Dead

Kerry: Terrorists Had "Rationale" For Bombing Paris




 New ISIS Video Warns Of Attacks

On Washington D.C.

Media Pressing Obama In Turkey On Slow

Response By U.S. To ISIS Threat


FBI Investigating After Weapons Stolen From Massachusetts

 Facility Over Weekend


Obama Friday Morning: ISIS Is Not Gaining Strength,

We're Containing Them


Hiring Surges In October As

Employers Add 271,000 Jobs


Arizona Mom, Child Dead In

Apparent Murder-Suicide


Two Missouri Students Arrested For Posting Threats Against Black

Students, Faculty


Home Invasion in Indiana Kills Pastor's Pregnant Wife, 28;

Manhunt On For Killer Who Shot Wife In Head


FBI Expanding Email Probe Of

Clinton Emails


Massive Storm System Brings Early Heavy Snows To Colorado,

Tornadoes To Iowa, Nebraska


Republicans Spar Over Immigration, War and The Economy In Debate


Louisiana Police Arrest Two Officers For Involvement In

Shooting Death Of 6-Year Old Autistic


Student Who Stabbed Four On California Campus Identified

As Islamist; ISIS Offers Twitter Praise


Embattled San Francisco Sheriff

At Heart Of Sanctuary City Policy Debate Loses Re-Election Bid


Man Bombs MS Wal-Mart For

Refusing To Sell Confederate Flag


Obama: It's Probable A Bomb Took Down Russian Airliner



Needle Type Objects Found In Philly Suburb Halloween Candy


Whole Foods Recalling 230 Pounds Of Chicken

Due To Listeria Concerns


Bodies Of Two Young Women Found

In LA Nature Park


Five Dead in Canadian Whale Watch Boat Accident


Victims Identified in Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade Crash;

25 Year Old in Custody On DUI Charge


Wisconsin Sen. Paul Ryan (R) Elected Speaker Of The House


Suspect In Custody After Four Year

Old Shot Dead In NM Highway Road Rage Shooting


Cancelled California Wedding Leads To Feast For Homeless


RAVEL: Millions of Americans May Need Passports

For Domestic Flights In 2016


U.S. Secretary Of State Kerry: Israel Guilty Of "Terrorism"

Blames Jewish State For Increased Violence In Middle East


State Department Lax Security Worse Ever While Clinton

Was Secretary Of State 2009-2013


 Switch Mishap Leads To Toyota Recall of 6.5 Million Vehicles


 Clinton Texted Family Night Of Benghazi Calling It A Terrorist Attack

Yet Went Along With Obama Narrative Of Video Being At Heart Of Issue


 One U.S. Soldier Killed In Iraqi Operation That Freed More

Than 70 ISIS Hostages Near Tikrit


Ambassador Chris Stevens Cables Found In Clinton Emails From 2012 Show Ambassador Begged Clinton For More Security In Benghazi; Clinton: "I Didn't See Cable"


Strongest Category 5 Storm Ever in Western Hemisphere Hurricane Patricia Makes Landfall On Mexican Coast


 One U.S. Soldier Killed In Iraqi Operation That Freed More

Than 70 ISIS Hostages Near Tikrit


New Federal Regulations Require Colleges To Provide

Clearer Picture Of Realities Of Sexual Violence


 Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Cops Part Of Reason For Staggering Rising Crime Rates In Windy City



Three Months After Hilary Clinton's Email Scandal - FBI Looking

At Broken Laws Under "Espionage Act"


Students At University Of Missouri Burn ISIS Flag


Obama: Clinton's Email Server Issue Problems Is Politics,

Not National Security Matter


State Of Emergency In SC,  "1000 Year Flood" Kills 9 In

Torrential, Flooding Rains

Many Areas Have Received Two Feet Of Rain


Father Of "Clock" Kid Runs Facebook Page Tied To

Anti-American, 9-11 Conspiracy Theories


Shooting At Northern Arizona University Kills 1, Injures 3


McCarthy Bows Out Of House Speaker Race; "We Need A New Face"


King Cobra Missing For Weeks Found Under Dryer In Florida Neighborhood


U.S. Coast Guard Searching For 33 Missing From Cargo Ship That Likely

Sank In Category 4 Joaquin Last Week


Amtrak Train Derails In Vermont, Multiple Injuries


"Filled With Hate" Oregon Gunman Specifically Targeted Christians In

Classroom Attack That Leaves 13 Dead

"Good because you're going to meet God in a few seconds," - Oregon Shooter Before Pulling Trigger

To One of His Victims Who Said "Yes I'm a Christian"


Army Vet Emerges From Tragedy As One Of Many Heroes Who Bravely Tried To Blocked Door As Oregon Gunman Barged Into Classroom

Survives After Being Shot 5 Times

"It's my Son's Birthday" He Told Oregon Shooter But Chris Myers Had No Mercy


At Least 13 Dead, 20 Injured In Oregon Community College Shooting


Planned Parenthood Spent Millions On "Blowout" Parties,

First Class Travel And "Lucrative Salaries"


Lawmakers Pass Temporary Spending Bill To

Avoid Government Shutdown


Three Year Old Dies After Father, A NC Police Officer

Tries To Drown Her



 Speaker of the House John Boehner

(R-OH) Resigns As Speaker, Will Step Down End Of October


Pope In Philadelphia On Final Leg Of U.S. Visit, Meets

With Sex-Abuse Victims, Promises Accountability



The Pope Has Historic Visit To The USA

 Pope Francis Becomes First Ever

Pontiff To Address To Joint

Session Of Congress

 Pope To Congress: Protect "Every Human Life," and Unite To Bring "Hope and Healing,

Peace, Justice," To World


President Obama, Clinton Praise Muslim Student Detained By Police

For Taking Suspicious Looking Homemade Clock To School


Man Accused Of Killing Two Year Old "Baby Doe" AKA Bella Bond

Obsessed With Exorcisms, Demons; Mom, Man Behind Bars

Without Bail For Murder


Chicago Facing Perfect Storm Of Tax Hikes - $500M Worth



Kentucky State Trooper Killed In Eddyville Was

Trying To Help Man Who Shot Him


Two Dead After Houston

Bus Falls From Overpass


15-Year Old Isis Inspired Teen Behind Threats To Pope Ahead Of

Historic U.S. Visit September 22-24


Texas Boy Arrested After Teacher Mistook Homemade Clock For Bomb



 Missouri Mom Charged After Two Young Children Found Living In Wooden Shipping Crate In Underground Cave


13-Year Old Maryland Boy Charged With Assault For Kissing Girl

Said It Was A Dare


Northern California Wildfires Send

3K Fleeing For Refuge


Senate Democrats Shamefully Block Disapproval Vote

On Obama Nuke Iran Deal


Minnesota Father Kills Wife, Three Children Then Commits Suicide


Man Taken Into Custody In

Phoenix Highway Shootings


O'Reilly: The Nation Has Turned Against The Iran Deal That

Will Go Through No Matter The Resistance


Hilary Apologizes But State Department Turns Over Just Seven Of Nearly

70 Pages Of Documents From Close Aide That A Federal Judge Demanded Released


Florida Man Arrested For Plotting 9-11 Attack

At Ground Zero Memorial


Video Goes Viral Of Florida Woman Yelling At Cop:

 "No Wonder You People Get Shot"



Three Illegal Immigrants Charged Over Weekend In Murder

Of 17-Year Old VA High School Student



On 14th Year Anniversary Of 9-11 Americans Are Scared


Congress Back To Work With Renewed Efforts To

Oust Speaker of House John Boehner


Flight 93 Memorial Center Opens In Shanksville,

PA On 14 Year Anniversary Of 9-11


Pew Poll: Support For Obama's Iran Deal Drops To 21% Days Before

Congress To Vote On Agreement Congress To Vote 9-11


Baltimore Officials Settle With Freddie Gray's Family For $6.4M


Massachusetts Teen Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter In

Urging Boyfriend to Suicide Through Text Messages


Thousands March On Washington To Decry Deal;

Trump, Cruz Were Among Guest Speakers


Murder Of Prominent Dallas Dentist Points Has Police

Eyeing Boyfriend's Ex-Lover


Federal Judge Sends Kentucky Clerk To Jail For Contempt

Over Refusal To Issue

Marriage Licenses For Gay Couples


New Jersey Daycare Workers Charged After

Encouraging Pre-School "Fight Clubs"


Texas College Student Gets Karma In Response To Offensive Tweet

About Slain Police Officer


Black Lives Matter Movement

Marches Chanting "Pigs In A Blanket,

Fry 'Em Like Bacon"


Texas Authorities Investigating Motive Of Ambush Of Deputy;

Targeted Attack Takes Place Hours After "Black Lives Matters" March

Authorities Investigating Motive Of Ambush Of Deputy; Attack Was "Targeted"


Michelin Recalling 104K BF

Goodrich Tires


Manhunt On For Shooter Of Illinois Police Officer

Atlanta Police Officer Shot After Responding

To Call At Wrong House


Judge Refuses To Drop Charges Against Officers In Freddie Gray Case


OPINION - Obama's Iran Deal Done Thanks To Feckless

Dems With No Backbone



At Least Four Classified Clinton Emails Had Markings Changed That Shielded Whether Emails Were

Classified - A Felony


Arby's Food Chain Fires Manager, Suspends Clerk After Female Police

 Denied Service Because She Was A Cop



 Former Aide To Hilary Clinton Who Helped Her Set Up Private Email

Server To Plead Fifth


More Than 300K American Military Vets Likely Died Waiting

For Health Care Due To VA Delays


Schools In Orlando Keep Students Inside Thursday After 8-Foot King Cobra Reported Missing From Nearby Home


Police Have Video Of Illinois Cop Killers


 Arrest Warrant Issued For Black Lives Matter Leaders For

Threatening Tweet Against White People


No Motive Yet In Tragic Virginia Journalist, Camera Man Shooting


92-Year Old Knox Resident Who Registered

To Vote For First Time In July Meets Her Candidate - Donald Trump


More Mass Shootings In U.S. Than

Any Other Country Says Report


Legionnaires Disease Hits

San Quentin


Sara Lee Bread Recall On Due To

Glass Fragments


Two Virginia Journalists Shot To Death On Air; Suspect Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, AKA Bryce Williams Was Disgruntled Employee,

Bragged On  Social Media About Murders
Bryce Williams Worked At WTWC in

Tallahassee from 1999-2000.


Man Accused Of Killing Louisiana

State Trooper Makes First

Appearance In Court

 Roommate Of Man Arrested In LA State

Trooper's Death Found Dead


Obama: Harry Reid Has Helped Me "Deal With The Crazies"


One of Three Clinton Emails That Triggered FBI Probe Violated

A Presidential Order Authorizing Release



Man Detained In March For Fence Jumping At White House Shot And

Killed Inside PA Courthouse Tuesday



Former Baltimore Raven Cheerleader Sentenced To Two Years Probation

For Statutory Rape Against 15 Year Old Boy


Lerner Used 2nd Personal Email Account To Conduct Business


Shooting Tuesday At Philadelphia Courthouse Leaves One Injured



South Carolina Teen Sent Text Message To Friends

Saying She Was Being Followed


 Two Blackberry's Used By Two Top Clinton Aides Destroyed

According To State Department

Source: Email Dump Reveals Clinton Got Questions From "Meet The Press" In Advance


Former President Carter's Cancer Has Spread To Brain; Tumor To Be Dealt With Through Radiation

Clinton's Server May Have Had A Backup According To Reports

Reports Say It Was Kept In Bathroom Closet By Mom and Pop Server Company in Colorado


White House Hires First Ever Transgender Individual To Post

Jarrett: "Represents Values Of Obama Administration"


Longtime Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Pleads Guilty To

Child Porn, Sexual Exploitation Of Minors


 Trump: If Hilary Were A Republican, She'd Be In Jail

Over Email Server Issue

Trump: Prosecutors Will Never Prosecute Hilary Because They Themselves Are "Democrats"


Weather Experts Warn Of "Wild Winter" Due To Strong El Nino


Day After Rosie O'Donnell Sends Disgusting Tweet About Pro-Lifers

 Daughter Goes Missing And Is Found Safe

O'Donnell Makes Disgusting Comment About Pro-Lifers

Vice President Joe Biden Sizing Up White House Run During

South Carolina Vacation



Obama White House Continues Push For More Normal Relations

With Cuba Through Easing Flight Restrictions



U.S. Looking For State Side Locations For Destination

When Gitmo Detainees Released


State Department Finds 18,000 Emails Clinton Camp Insisted Didn't Exist

 Bob Woodward: Clinton Email Scandal As

Worse As Watergate


Reaction In Ferguson Different As 9-Year Old Black Girl Shot

Dead Doing Her Homework - By Drive-By Shooting



U.S. Marks Historic Reopening Of

U.S. Embassy In Havana After

50-Year Old Freeze

Critics Rail Move As "Show Democracy"


4.0 Earthquake Shakes San Francisco


Clinton Email Scandal Grows Deeper


Several Major Cities,

Especially Baltimore, Seeing Major Spikes In Murder Rates




New Fox Poll Post Debate: Trump Continues Surge, New Highs;

New Low Numbers For Clinton


Ferguson Erupts Into Riots, Protests Sunday Night;

State of Emergency Declared



Kelly Refuses To Apologize To Trump On Monday Show;

Fox News Ratings Taking Hit

Petition Circulating To Remove Megyn Kelly From Further Debates


FBI Launches Investigation Into

Clinton Email Server, Missing Emails

Clinton Camp Nervous As Support Slips Among Dems


Clinton Defends Planned Parenthood


Fox News Roger Ailes Calls Trump:

Vows "Fairness" From This Step Forward


Baltimore Under Siege As Local Officials Call In

Feds To Help Stop Violent Crime Surge



Kansas Taco Bell Worker Fired For Writing

"PIG" On Police Officer's Order


 Kansas 9-Year Old Batboy Killed After Being Hit By Bat


College Professor Who Accused CT State Trooper Of

Profiling Debunked By Web Cam Video


Effort To Defund Planned Parenthood Fails 53-46 In Senate

Only Two Dems Vote For Action;

One Republican Against


Classified Clinton Emails Came From Several Intelligence Agencies


East Tennessee Times-IRS Chief Threatened With

Contempt Over Lois Lerner Emails


Report: FBI Says Twitter Needs To Be Doing More To Fight Terrorism


Former NFL Great Joe Namath Offering Award For

Info On Missing Florida Teens Off Coast


Obama Care About To Cause Some State Exchanges To Disappear,

Rates Skyrocket As Predicted


Report: Two Month Gap In Clinton Emails Coincide With Rising

Violence In Libya And Exemption For Clinton Aide


White House, Dems Says Planned Parenthood Videos

"Fraudulent" Vows To Fight Defunding Effort


Third Colorado Planned Parenthood Video: Doc To Videographer:

" can put your hand in there and

pick out the parts.”


Two Dead In Lafayette Louisiana Theater Shooting

 LA Governor Bobby Jindal Praises Two Teachers Wounded Thursday Night In Theater Shooting


Report: Obama Told Putin In Recent Call "Israel Is Next"


Two Inspector Generals Open Criminal Probe Into Clinton Emails


U.S. Jets Had To Scramble July 4 When Two Russian Nuke Bombers Flew

Within 40 Miles Of California Coast

Hear Audio Clips Of Russia "Threat" To USA


New Revelations On IRS Targeting Scandal Released Thursday

Prove Agency Went After Conservatives


Prolonged Computer Hacking Likely By China May Have

Compromised National Security


Capitol Hill Hears From Angry Family Members Of

Victims Of Crime From Illegal Aliens


 White House Bows To Pressure, Flies Flags At Half Mast; U.S. Capitol

Already Had Flags Flying In Honor

Of Chattanooga's Slain

Tallahassee, FL National Guard

Armory Evacuated Threat


Seven States Issue Orders To Arm Military Centers, Up Security

TV Hosts Rant Against Obama Goes Viral


Family Of Five Brutally Murdered In Broken Arrow, OK;

18-Year Old Robert Bever Named As Suspect


Obama: Society Must "Help" Those

With Deeply Held Religious Beliefs

Overcome Their Convictions


 Source: Chattanooga Shooter Took Multiple Trips To Middle East;

Traveled To Jordan and Yemen In 2014

President Obama: It's Likely These Funds From Deal Will Wind Up In Iranian Terror Hands

 East Tennessee Times-Sixty Two Percent Of Americans "Very Concerned" About Iran Nuke Program



Illegal Immigrant In Raleigh, NC Arrested For

Sexually Assaulting Three Small Children


Clinton Goes After Wall Street In

Progressive Type Economic Speech


Mexican Drug Kingpin Joaquin Guzman Escapes,

Manhunt Underway


Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized After Fall


Estranged Son Of Boston Police Arrested On ISIS Inspired Domestic Terrorists



Shocking Video Shows Planned Parenthood Discussing Selling,

Shipment Of Aborted Fetus Body Parts


President Obama Rips CBS Reporter Major Garrett: "You Should Know Better" On Question of Four Jailed Americans In Iran




Sheriff Who Released Illegal Immigrant Responsible For Murder of SF

Woman Under Serious Fire

Illegal Immigrant Released 5 Times

Kills 32-Year Old SF Woman Out On Stroll With Dad

O'Reilly: Officials Protecting Illegal Aliens In California Have Blood On Their Hands


Man Who Killed San Francisco Woman Out On Stroll

Had Been Deported Five Times


Congress Returns Tuesday To Work On Financial Measures

To Avoid US Shutdown In Fall


 White House Linked Group Threatens Congressional Democrats

To Toe Line On Nuke Deal With Iran No Matter

How Good or Bad Deal Is


Hackers Stole 21 Million Social Security Numbers From OPM;

OPM Head Resigns


Kate Steinle, 32, died after being shot July 1 at a San Francisco pier.

Gun Used In Killing Of SF Woman By Illegal Alien Stolen From Fed's Car


New Documents Show Call Between Obama, Clinton Night Of Benghazi Attacks But Contents Being Withheld By State Department


Justices Rule In EPA Authority On Coal, Mercury

Emission Standards


Shooting Suspect Dylann Roof Caught In Shelby NC

According To News Outlets



21-Year Old Shooter Sought As Nine Are Dead In SC

Black Church Shooting Near Charleston



Spokane Head Of NAACP: "I Identify As Black"


Six Dead, Seven Injured In California Balcony Collapse


Billionaire Donald Trump Enters 2016 Republican

Presidential Race Swinging Hard At Clinton, Bush

Republican Jeb Bush Announces 2016 Run For President



NATION: Horrific Shark Attacks Maul

Two Teens Off NC Coast Sunday


Tropical Storm Bill Bringing

Flooding To North Texas



Crazed Armed Gunman Dead After Shooting On Officers

Outside Dallas Police Headquarters



Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Allowing Americans

Born In Jerusalem To List Israel As Birthplace


White Officer in SC Indicted In Slaying Of

Unarmed Black Man Near Charleston



White Officer Acquitted In Deadly Shooting Two Black Men;

Riots Erupt In Cleveland



















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