Vols vs. Bucs: Split fan base in Johnson City

Amanda Ferguson # State

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. WVLT) -- Only about 100 miles separates the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University. There's a mixture of Vols and Buccaneers fans in Johnson City. Many folks like to watch college football games at Wild Wing Cafe.

"It is pretty much the spot,"
said Nichole Fry, who is an ETSU student.

"It is all the hype,"
said Alden Duren, who is also a student.
"You got people at every table watching the game."

Folks said Wild Wing Cafe in Johnson City is a full house on Saturdays.

Even though Johnson City is now home to its own football team,

"There's more Vols fans than Bucs fans here,"
said Duren.

If you're in East Tennessee, chances are your eyes are going to be on the Tennessee verse East Tennessee State University match-up.

Alden Duren is a student at ETSU, but he's from the Knoxville area. His heart is over riding his alma mater.

"It's going to be kind of weird to be honest,"
said Duren.
"I'm going to be rooting for the other team."

The other team he was talking about was the Vols.

"Going to ETSU, It'll be weird, love it,"
said Duren.

Whether folks root for the Buccaneers or the Vols, students said the atmosphere in Wild Wing Cafe is a great time.

"People are going to have fun here no matter who wins, who loses,"
said Fry.

Duren said he'll be inside Neyland Staidum on Saturday, and he'll probably be wearing orange.