Know an artist? The City of Knoxville is looking for some to create a mural on Market Square Garage

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The city wants to place a mural or a series of murals on the eastern wall of Market Square Garage.

Knoxville — Are you particularly artfully inclined, or maybe know someone who is? Well, here's your chance to show off that talent.

The City of Knoxville Public Arts Committee is looking for artists to create a mural or series of murals on the Market Square Garage, and wants those who are interested to submit their qualifications by 11 a.m. on September 21. It's open to everyone over the age of 18.

From those submissions, a pool of up to five artists or artist teams will be chosen to submit a proposal design for the site and a $500 award or multiple awards will be made from these proposals.

The mural or series would be on the eastern wall of the garage, facing the alley between Wall Avenue and Union Ave. The wall is currently divided into 24 rectangular panels of different sizes. Artists may submit qualifications either for the entire wall or for one or more of the panels.

The alley parallel to it on the other side of Market Square is "Artist Alley," where local artists can currently create and install "impromptu" murals.

The total budget for the project is $151,000, with an allocation of $35 per square foot for artist fees and costs associated with the creation process.

For information on how to apply, click here.