Families can reap what Loudon County farm sows

Gwendolyn Ducre # State

LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Century Harvest Farms Foundation doesn't just sell its produce. They donate it, too. The manager, Linda Patterson, said she hopes their small part will go towards eliminating hunger in East Tennessee.

"Here in East Tennessee, where you would think the most food is most grown, we're seeing large pockets of food insecurity. It's so far to get to a grocery a store, transportation is limited,"
Patterson said.

The foundation reports one in six people go without a meal in East Tennessee a day. Patterson said they work to change that. They don't do it alone. A handful of volunteers help harvest and upkeep the farm from time to time.

Recently, a group of 60 teens from Florida paid the farm a visit. In three days, they picked weeds and harvested nearly 400 pounds of vegetables and fruit.

"That probably would have taken me several days, and they were able to get in down in less than a half of day,"
Rick Morrish, who works in the farm, said.

Patterson said the kids helped more than they know.

"It's just a joy to see young people really getting their hands in the dirt,"
Patterson said.

The food harvested will go to nearby food banks. They get quantity and quality.

"The vegetables are as fresh as we can get them. We don't use any pesticides herbicides,"
Morrish said.

The foundation offers ways you can help or get help for your families.

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