Online Personalized License Plate Application Now Available

Customers can pay the $35 personalized plate application fee online, and later pick up their plate at their local county clerk’s office. Additional fees will apply at the county clerk’s office when a customer picks up the plate. Specialty plates also require an additional $35 fee...


More Than $3.5 Million in Misused Public Money Remains Uncollected

The 2018 Report of Cash Shortages in Tennessee’s 95 county governments updates the amounts of cash shortages and thefts as of June 30, 2018. The report details money that went missing during the 2018 fiscal year, as well as previous fiscal years...


In the Wake of Boeing 737 MAX Crashes, Congressman Cohen introduces Safety is Not for Sale Act

Bill prohibits aircraft manufacturers from charging additional fees for non-required safety enhancing equipment..


Families Celebrate Holidays at Women’s Therapeutic Residential Center

Last Saturday, the Women’s Therapeutic Residential Center (WTRC) welcomed around 40 residents’ family members to celebrate the Christmas holiday. The annual party was hosted by the God Behind Bars organization and Life Fellowship Church out of Desoto County, Mississippi...


Great Smoky Mountains National Park Hosts Annual Festival of Christmas Past Program

The festival will include mountain music, traditional shape note singing, mountain craft demonstrations, carolers, and a living history walk. Hot apple cider will be served throughout the day...

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    Atlantic high-activity eras: What does it mean for hurricane season?

    For any given season, multiple ocean and atmospheric conditions, such as El Nino or La Nina, influence whether Atlantic storms develop, how big they get and how long they last. Since 1995, we have been experiencing what scientists refer to as an active or high-activity era for Atlantic hurricane seasons — a natural, cyclical phenomenon....

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