Facing uncertain future, farmers taking their own lives

A steady gust of an early winter’s wind was whipping through the last few pieces of corn still left standing on Paul Hamilton’s Northern Kentucky farm, their golden kernels exposed to the elements, naked wilted stalks all but dead. The corn here will soon be gone from this rolling farmland and so too will Paul Hamilton’s prized herd of dairy cows. ..


Telling the difference between candy and medicine

We all know it’s important to store medicine away from children, yet each year around 60,000 kids are treated in U.S. emergency rooms due to accidental medication poisoning. Making the problem worse, many medicines look and even taste like candy. ...


State: Daycare provider accused of abuse operated illegally

A Knox County woman faces multiple charges, including child abuse, after a grand jury saw evidence in the case, according to a release from the Knox County Sheriff's Office. Cari Riffey is accused of aggravated child abuse, and Stephanie Galyon told WVLT News her son Jace is the victim. Galyon said Jace started attending Amazing Grace in home daycare in Seymour back in 2017 when he was six-months-old...


Knoxville's got Talent!! Take a look!

Thousands of people showed up at the Knoxville Convention Center on Thursday to audition for America's Got Talent, and they were so much fun!..


Negative energy clearing is a growing trend

Negative energy clearing is a growing trend in Middle Tennessee. Tish Owen is a local psychic who used to sell a lot of negative energy clearing kits, but now she does more home visits. ..


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    The risk and reward of a social media gift exchange

    The Secret Sister Gift Exchange is going around social media. While it may seem harmless and fun to get gifts, some question the legality of the exchange.

    "Just the fun of it, the excitement of it,"
    . Tonya McMullen loves the Secret Sister Gift Exchange. You send one gift valued at $10 and are supposed to receive between six and 36 in return...


  • Digital_Life
    Your Digital Life, Hidden with Christ

    Serving the God ‘who sees in secret’ in a world where there's pressure to post everything.The whole premise of social media is to reach as many people as possible, the more, the better. The frightening part about this logic is that it might be changing how we think about life. Can we enjoy a concert without capturing at least a part of it with our smartphones? Can we have a beautiful engagement without a hidden cameraman in the bushes to record the proposal?...


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Tech Bites

  • instagram

    Don't forget that Instagram is creepy, too

    With Facebook in the news for all the wrong reasons this week, it may be tempting to overlook the social media giant's photo-oriented sibling, Instagram. That would be unwise. Instagram, which you should absolutely never forget is owned by Facebook, has around 800 million monthly active users — and it exploits their data for ad targeting much like its scandal-prone big brother. This should worry you...